Sunday, March 28, 2010

Front yard

Gee I'm tired tonight, but it's a good tired! This morning I spent an hour digging up the last part of my front yard with a garden form to mix the souls together and dig through some goodies to improve the soil - bloody hard work! I had that much sweat dripping off my head (my head sweats a lot) that it was not only running into my eyes and stinging but dropping onto my glasses!

Then after lunch/brekky and an impromptu nap in the arm chair I decided to go and collect some rocks for my front yard and then my wheelbarrow died but I may have been able to fix it so will give it another go tomorrow to collect some more.

This morning I also went ot the market and bought some more plant for the big planting session to happen over Easter

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Plant Shopping

I've finally gotten around to spending my Christmas present from my Dad and his wife - a gift voucher to Sertels a local nursery!

It's only a start as I have quite a few more plants to get. I'm still on the look out for some apricot or pink bush roses and I need to get some kangaroo paws and maybe some low growing bottle brush. Then I also need to get some trees, I'm going to get 3 Silver Birch Tree's and most likely a Japanese Maple but I will get them on the day or weekend that I plan to plant them

Here's what I bought:

All of them together

4 Daphne - these will go in front of my portico as a bit of a hedge or something maybe - I love the smell of Daphne

Blue Fescue

2 bush roses, Golden Bunny

3 Purple Fountain Grass

3 Grevillia's 2 Australian Beauty which are yellow and 1 Bonfire which is red

Gaura - I got these before Christmas