Saturday, October 31, 2009

I love my house

I really do, I love my house! I love the location, it's soooo peaceful here and you can hear all the animals - this morning I have been sitting in my chair, with the sun and breeze coming in through the window listening to the magpies, ravens and the cows while watching the rabbits run around! I'm going to miss the rabbits when I get a fence, although I'm pretty sure I wont miss them if they start eating my plants when I get around to starting the garden.

Today I am thinking about heading to a nursery to start investigating plants for my garden. Ideally the best time to do the garden is Autumn so I may end up waiting until then, but I can at least start planning it now and getting it organised.

Seeing as I don't have a vegie patch yet, I'm thinking about using my vegie boxes from my old place for some tomatoes again this year. I need to buy some more stakes and might also need some chicken wire or something to wrap around them to stop the rabbits, but it will be nice to have some vegies growing again.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Damage update

So I called next doors builder yesterday and left a message for their admin person who called me back within an hour or two. I explained what had happened and she said she would get the supervisor to call me.
I didn't get the call on Friday but when I came home the fence was up and my house looks as though nothing at all has happened to it! Not sure what they did but I don't mind as now it looks fine

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Damage from next doors builders

I came home today to find that my next door neighbours temp fencing had pushed over and it had hit my front wall and has damaged my render. I'm pretty sure it was knocked over when they did a site clean as the left over brickies sand was spread all over their driveway area AND the blue feet thingy that the fence sits in to stop it falling over was sitting on the middle of the wire as you can see below

I'm also quite annoyed again as they are using my power by unplugging my Solar hot water system! A) I am annoyed they are using my power but b) they are unplugging MY stuff to do so!! There is a perfectly fine power point 5m down the wall that they could use w/out me even knowing!

Neighbours temp fence was knocked down and hit my wall and damaged the render :(

Close up

Down through the first layer to the second (white) layer of render

Mortar in my fly screen from the neighbours brickies

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

house warming present

House warming present - it's actually a BRIGHT purple frame to match the bright purple gumboots!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bathrooms are done

I've been a bit light on with regards to updates but that's mostly cos there is nothing to update!

I've now pretty much finished the bathrooms so I thought I would post some photo's of that and then a few other bits n pieces too

Some flowers I bought at the market today for $11 - BARGAIN!



Candle in the bathroom


Bamboo in the bathroom

Can you see the rabbits? they are about 4-5m from the edge of my concreted outdoor area

The rabbits like this mound of dirt for some reason

Two of the rabbits

House warming present from my cousin - it's Wine Glass Bay in Tassie, he stitched 10 of his own photo's together - it's awesome and I love it's going above the TV

Garage is sorted!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's nice

I love being in my house. I love the space, I love the kitchen bench space, I love the size of the oven, I love having a garage and I love the peace and quiet! I also love the animal life, the ducks, the birds, the cows and even though I know that they are an evil evil pest, I do enjoy watching the rabbits run around. I'm currently watching one dig into a pile of dirt that someone dumped just the other side of my fence line (no fences yet though)
Another thing I love is having visitors! At my old place no one visited but that's also because it wasn't really the kind of place to have visitors due to the extreme lack of space. Yesterday I had 3 different sets of visitors! :D I love it! Although I think I need to stock up on some things like maybe some biscuits or something to offer visitors hehe

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Off to VCAT

I'm being taken to VCAT by the landlords of the unit I just moved out of. I handed the keys in at the rental on Tuesday and as expected the landlords think I broke the glass on the shower screen. What actually happened was during the heatwave in Jan/Feb I was showering and I heard a tinkle noise which I thought was my shower egg timer thingy falling down, but it was the glass of the screen cracking. If you look at the glass you can see that there has not been any impact... anyway they have decided that they will take me to VCAT to get the money out of my bond. If VCAT say I need to pay then so be it, but I will be putting up my own photo's and putting my own case across :D

It should be interesting as the unit is being advertised as up for rent again with the availability as being 'now' so the whole vcat process could take a few weeks so they will have to pay for the replacement upfront.

They've also put the rent up another $20 per week!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Possible lights

I went to a light shop today and saw a couple of lights that I really like but I'm just not sure about them - they are the same colour and I was thinking of this pendant for the family and meals area
and then the green one of these for the 3 across the bench maybe? They are the same green and the pic above is more representative of the actual colour

I've been shopping!

Harris Scarfe are currently having a big sale and so what better time to go shopping? :D

I bought a Stanley Rogers cutlery set - Monte Carlo which is a 56 pce Stainless Steel set with a 25 year guarantee - I got it for $99 and the RRP is $269!
I got two complete towel sets, 2 bath sheets, a floor mat and a face washer.
I got a Wiltshire 12 knife stay sharp block thingy, it has 6 steak knives and 6 good cutting knives to cook with
I also got a pasta machine thingy - I've never made pasta but I figured if I was going to then I needed one!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I have done it

No doubt I'm going to have lots of these moments in the coming weeks but, wow! I am in my own house! -cheesey grin-

I've done it, and I am in! It's really going to sink in this week when I am back at work and after work I drive out here and I open the front door with my key and I am home :D

I have concrete!

The concreters came today and poured the concrete and coloured it! It looks great :D

First Pour

Pouring it

Smoothing it and leveling it out

All smooth

Driveway being poured

Smoothing it and leveling it out

All smooth and raining - the bucket is to catch the drips form the leaking gutter

Technical way of spreading out the colour for the top. They then trowel this into the top layer

All done - colour is Chocolate


Driveway and portico is done, Colour is Charcoal



Chateau Lisa


Side view

Friday, October 2, 2009

Inside photo

Here are some photo's I've taken over the past few days

Security doors were installed - marine steel grade mesh or something, I'm calling it the door people don't see as I have already had two people not realise it was there and try to walk through it

Driveway is all boxed up for concrete

Driveway boxed up

Outdoor/alfresco area boxed up

I asked them if they could move all my bricks to the back corner with the bob cat and they did :) Although I wonder how many broke

Now the bricks are moved the side of my garage is all cleared and flattened out

My kitchen!


Island bench


I love the space on the top here, it's huge!

Meals and family with my old furniture

Family, meals and kitchen

My letter box - it needs a bit of a clean up and I want to paint it the same as the render

First meal cooked in the oven