Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gutters, plumbing and a tree

Finally some action after a week of nothing! I now have gutters, plumbing and a tree all installed! I got there just as it started to POUR with rain.

PD 24/7 also says my roof is going to be completed this Friday, although I am unsure about that with this weather

I have a tree!

Green stuff, I'm assuming this is spray on grass seeds

The delivery of my gutters

The house

Gutters over the portico and garage

Gutters over portico and master bedroom


Plumbing in the ensuite

Shower in ensuite - is it normal to cut away the wood like that?

For the island bench



For the hotwater service

Stink pipe!

The house

Monday, June 29, 2009


I've had my gutters delivered to site but so far no further work has happened for over a week now! GAH! I thought this was the stage where everything just happened quickly. The Regent 21 down the road from mine had it's slab poured a week after mine and they already have gutters installed and roof tiles starting to go on :( I know it's only a week but it's still an extra week of rent. I'm sure it will all work itself out but after so much happening and then nothing it's just a bit disappointing.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I paid a visit to spotlight today to take a look at some of their blinds and to see if I could get a rough quite on how much I would be up for to do the whole house.
The plan is to get rollers in the ensuite and bathroom and roman's for the rest of the house and the 3 three paneled window's/doors will get 3 blinds across it - the resulting price turned out to be just under $6k which is kind of what I was hoping for and then just under $500 for installation. I'm pretty happy with that as it does give me a very rough ball park figure of what to expect and that's all I was after and then with spotlight you can also wait until they have their sales, like now they have 30% off which would save almost $2k off the price. I've also decided I will do all the curtains myself. They are easy to do and I plan to use curtain rods with a spring loaded end and just have them sitting inside the window frame - too easy!

I'm also still not sure what colours to get and if to have the same colour throughout the whole house or not. I'm thinking that most of my furniture will end up being a dark wood, so I can't go too dark with the colours except maybe a dark chocolate in the bedrooms and then a lighter caramel/latte colour for the living areas... I wouldn't mind getting a greenish or bluish colour but then if I plan to paint one of my family room walls a light green then they would clash. I really need to wait to see the real colours of my place too.

When it gets closer to handover I will try to organise for some real quotes by getting people out to measure it all up and by then I will also have more of an idea how much my fences and concreting is going to to cost.

I'm not in a huge hurry to get blinds as I plan to install redi-shades and they should be good for a while.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stickers and pink paint

Not a lot of action, but it looks like someone has been checking it all out as there are some stickers and pink spray paint around the place

Blue stickers - they are on all three windows in the master bedroom

Orange/red sticker on the meals slider door

Rubbish cage looks like a drunk person tried to wrestle it


Pink paint in the master bedroom

Pink paint on the kitchen floor

Ok! This is above the pink paint


Meals room window

Bedroom 3

Blind side of house

In the rumpus room

Also in the rumpus room

Front of garage

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dates for bricks and roof

I just spoke to B my SS and asked how things were going to get an idea of when my air-con/heater people can come and install the ducting and I forgot to mention the windows, d'oh! I might give him a call later in the week about that.

Anyway, this week and next they will be doing the gutters, fascia and wrapping etc and then the roof is scheduled to start on July 3rd and should take about 4 days and then the bricks will be delivered around July 10th and should take a week or so and around all that once lock up is near they can come and install what's needed for the aircon and heater

Monday, June 22, 2009

I have the power!

I have a power meter! Someone has also swept my slab, and no it wasn't me hahah. All the sawdust has been swept off the slab. I also had a few puddles of water but they aren't that bad and nothing really to worry about which is great.

I took the measurements of the windows today for the way I want my blinds to be so I can get a rough idea on costs and as I was doing it I noticed some scratches on them :( I will bring it up with B my SS when I speak to him. If they do get replaced, no point in doing so until closer to the end in case they get damaged again.

I have the power!

Scratches that have gone rusty on the window frame of the family room window

Window lock thingy in the rumpus room appears to be broken

A scratch on my laundry door frame

A crack in the window sill in bedroom 2

A dent/scratch at the top if the frame of the window on the right of the family meals sliding door

Puddles in the garage - nothing to worry about

Puddle in family room, again nothing major

Puddle in meals area

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fail: Sliding door the wrong way

I've just been checking my plans and I noticed that they have installed the sliding door in the meals area opening the wrong direction.

Click the images for a bigger version:

The plan:

The door:

Standing in the house and looking outside the kitchen is to the right which will make it easier taking food in and out so I don't think it really matters - what do others think?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Not a block, a house

I have a house! It's no longer a block, it is a HOUSE! It looks like a house, it has walls and a roof! A house!!

I keep looking at all my photo's and just smiling this doofy big grin because it makes me so excited! I can walk through my rooms and I have something that is now looking like a house!!

I am loving being able to walk through all my rooms and I'm excited about taking my family up there later today to walk through it too!

I also realised that I can now start think about getting quotes for fly screens and security doors - I'm still unsure about what kind of security doors to get (diamond pattern or less obvious steel mesh ones). I can also soon get quotes for driveways and the outdoor area to be concreted and also for blinds and curtains!

OMG I have a pile of matchsticks that looks like a house and I can't stop smiling when I think about it all!! :D :D :D I'm gonna get a sore face soon LOL!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Roof trusses and windows

I had the day off today due to extreme hayfever so I thought I would head out to the block and I got there when they were delivering the roof trusses! I also have all my windows and sliding doors!
I then went back after they finished to take even more photos.

The block

Roof trusses being delivered

Up and away

And down

I have a portico!! I also got windows today! Master bedroom

Delivered straight to the roof

How to get them from the ground to the roof

Sorting them out

The house

The garage - interesting way to fill the gap

My sign is back in the ground but it got broken :(

Portico and roof

Front of the house

Front door

Roof trusses

Family room windows

Meals area window

Meals area sliding door

Kitchen window

Bed 2 window

Laundry door

Rumpus room window

Bed 3 window

Bathroom window

Outdoor area

Bed 2, bathroom and bed 3

Bed 3 and rumpus

Laundry, kitchen, meals, ensuite windows

Internal door from/to garage

Front entrance

Ensuite window

Fail! A post for the portico

My house!