Friday, February 27, 2009

Taking the ball and running

After reading about someone's not so unconditional loan approval, I decided to call Choice this morning as I haven't received a letter to say it's done, just verbally, She re-confirmed that I am pre-approved subject to valuation! She did however have concerns about my contract date being on the 27th and finance clause on land expiring on April 8th.

I then decided to run with the ball and call PD myself to speak to my CSC - I got through to her and explained about the above and we have now moved my contract signing date to March 20th to give us an extra week. She also said that it doesn't matter that my tiles appointment is after this - ??

She is also going to be emailing me a copy of the HIA contract for me to look over (hello softcopy!)

I also requested that she put the driveway and fencing allowance back into my contract and asked that the heater be removed and a credit be applied - she isn't sure that this can be done but said that she would talk to management. I nicely said I wanted it removed and a credit applied as I have heard bad things about the standard heater and I want to get the heater and add on aircon done as the same brand for convenience sake. Any idea what I should do if they don't provide a credit for it?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Soil Tests?

Still no call from my CSC :(

Is this where they would have done soil tests?? I could find three like this

And re-discovered survey pegs! I now know where the edges of my block are

And I have a little blue man keeping watch on my gutter ;)

Yes I do realise they have circled something and it has an arrow at it - what could it be for?

I have a rock

I think my soil tests have been done! I didn't have time to upload the photo's yesterday, but I will tonight :D

I also took a rock from my land... it was just sitting there and well I couldn't resist -blush- LOL I'm silly sometimes! They have also re-done the surveying of the block and all my little bits of wood with the lot numbers are visible and have even bigger sticks next to them with colourful ribbons on them clearly marking the lot edges - I hope I got a lot sign thingy up soon with a sold sticket on it!

I am now officially starting week 3 today and my CSC is still yet to call me and according to my sheet, this week PD should be ordering the 5 star rating and preparing my HIA fixed price contracts - how can they do this w/out all my changes to the insulation etc? I also still need to tell them that I don't want their heater installed.
By now I am meant to have had the opportunity to review my HIA contract and my CSC should have called - neither have happened. Hrmmm....

I also got a letter yesterday from Choice Home Loans saying that my file is now in head office and giving the name of the person who is now my contact and that I should get a letter confirming pre-approval once that's through, well I've been told it's through so I want my piece of paper!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Are we there yet?

I keep reading all these blogs and stories of people who are currently building and I am getting very very jealous! Almost each day I still have at least one moment where I think to myself 'Wow! I'm building a house!' and then I get frustrated at how long the process takes, but that's just life and it is all on schedule still and hopefully PD Access keep it that way. I really hope the whole process goes smoothly and there aren't any hickups and major delays like some people have encountered... I want to be in my house before my birthday (this year!)

I've enlarged a copy of my electrical plan and I am going to go over it and mark where I want extra power points and extra light fittings and map it all out properly before my electrical appointment so that I don't end up doing anything silly and getting them all in the wrong spot.

I got the call on Friday to say my CSC was assigned, but so far she hasn't called, hopefully today as I have a few questions for her.

If I am this excited at this point, what on earth am I going to be like once building actually starts?!?! :D

Monday, February 23, 2009

Colours & electrical appointments booked in

I just got a call from Hopetoun Interiors, I have my colours appointment and my electrical appointment both on March 11th! :D Awesome :D A lot sooner than I expected seeing how far away my tiles appointment is with National Tiles.

The colours and the electrical are separate appointments, but they could get me in do do both one after the other which is handy.

It's all happening and yet it still seems to be taking forever!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Colours Part 2

I have been to Hopetoun Interiors again today and have changed a few things but also have photo's of some other things, so here we go again, I should point out the main changes are in the kitchen to the cupboards and splashback:

Where the images are cut off - click on them for the full image

Bricks: Boral - Brushwood (now a photo)

Roof Tiles: Barramundi

Window Frames: Merino (a light colour)
Garage Door: Sectional panel master door, CB Paperbark (changed from Jasper), its lighter than this makes it look

I will probably also do the gutters and down pipes in CB Paperbark too - not sure if I should match it to the garage or the roof.

Render: Flood mud (crappy photo)

Internal Door Handles: Avilla Lever in Satin Chrome

Carpet: 8575 old leather cut pile plush (the middle one)

Tiles in front entrance, kitchen and Laundry: ETAFL504

Kitchen Benchtop: Ceasar Stone Coral Reef

Cabinet Doors: Formica Fini Chocolate - these will also be the laundry and both bathroom cabinet doors - the sample is darker than this looks

Overhead Cabinet Doors: Laminate Rock Maple

Glass Splashback: Snuggle Pie, as below

Together, splashback, stone and cupboards

Cabinet Handles: Bow Pull, Satin Chrome

Ensuite Vanity Basin: Valentino Basin Stepped Vessel - its round and deep

Ensuite Vanity Tapware: Mizu 1500 pinmixer

Main Bathroom Sink: The standard one

Bathroom Colours: For both ensuite and main - laminex version of kitchen stone bench and the same lower cupboards. top tile is floor, lower tile is walls with the long brown one as a column feature in each shower

Wall Paint: I'm thinking either Bone, New Vanilla Cream
Roof and Cornices: Maybe New Pale Cream or Bouquet Orchid
Front Door: Biennale AC or Midnight Passion AC

This image makes the Midnight Passion a lot lighter than it is, it's actually darker than the Biennale

I have pre-approval!

As the subject says, I now have loan pre-approval subject to valuation!! :D :D

I last spoke to my mortgage broker on Monday and he said it was approved by one area but needed credit's approval as the type of loan I am getting need this... when I just called him he thought he had already told me :( Booo but YaY its pre approved!! -relief-

Friday, February 20, 2009

It's becoming fun now

I've just had another one of those "OMG!!! I'm building a house" moments!! :D :D It really has been a long long time since I was this excited about anything.

I went to Ikea today to just have a look and get some idea's about some things and I am very proud to announce I didn't buy a single thing! I also went to Beacon Lighting to check out some lights and then headed to Bunnings. I escaped all stores w/out buying anything - amazing!

Some of the DIY pendant lights at Bunnings are actually pretty good. Although, I am wondering how easily the material on some of the light shades could be changed as the styles are nice, but the colours (other than white) aren't that great for what I want.

Kitchen Lights

I'm not sure what to do with my kitchen lights. I kind of like the idea of pendants hanging down over the bench top, but then I also like the idea of directional lights on the one board type thing and then if I do either of these, do I keep the existing light. I could do two pendants even spaced over the bench and then have the existing light which would sit in the middle.

In other news, I just got a phone call from PD Access! My paperwork is now at head office and I have a CSC assigned and she should be calling me next week and I am booked in to sign my final contracts on March 27th!! Which is only 6 weeks from the start of week 1. I explained about the finance situation and needing it all done and sorted by April 8th and she said they will do everything they can to help.

I should also get a phone call today or Monday from Hopetoun to make an appointment for my colours and electrical etc.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

National Tiles Called

I got a phone call from National Tiles today for my tiles appointment... soonest is March 25th... That's over a month away! :( -cry-

I asked to be put on a waiting list for anything earlier, she said that there were about 8 people already ahead of me.


I already know what tiles I want....

Monday, February 16, 2009

Loan update

I called my mortgage broker today for an update on my pre approval status and he said that its been approved by one area BUT has been referred to credit as it is a 97% loan and that it is pretty standard procedure for these kinds of loans.... It's just frustrating because I haven't been in a position to save a heap of money but now I am... but I just don't want to wait!! He assured me it was pretty normal and to not worry... worry I still will though.


The standard insulation that comes with my house from my builder is R2.5 in the roof only. I emailed my sales person and asked what it would cos to upgrade and this is the response:
We can upgrade wall 2.0 $889 and Ceiling to R3.5 $911.
Please let them know at your colour selection appointment if you wish to include

If the budget will stretch, and I think it will, I think I will go ahead with it

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Are we there yet?

I'm getting a bit frustrated now. Once I make my mind up about something, I do it pretty much then and there. Sure, it can take me sometime to make up my mind, but once I've decided I just can't see any point in waiting... this whole building process is going to drive me nuts! To think that I wont be in my house (saying MY house feels weird and yet great!) until probably September or October is driving me nuts! I want it now! NOW NOW NOW!! -stamps foot- ;) It will be worth the wait and these things just take time, but that doesn't make it less frustrating.

Today I got a few colour samples for my green splashback from Bunnings... still unsure on the colours. Today I also went through some display homes to check out bathroom colourings and I still don't know what I want, but hopefully now with a few more idea's, when I go back to Hopetoun I will be able to decide. I did notice that the displays did tend to have the bathrooms all the same and often the same cupboards as the kitchens.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Initial colour selections

Ok so today I went to Hopetoun Interiors and National Tiles display centres and what an overload!!! Seriously, I still don't have everything decided on and I should have taken my camera to photograph it all but I didn't.

I've tried to remain earthy and nuetral, Here is my rough idea's so far - I've tried to get some pictures online where possible

Bricks: Boral - Brushwood or Jarrah
Roof Tiles: Barramundi

or Sambuca

Window Frames: Merino (a light colour)
Garage Door: Sectional panel masta door in Jasper

I will probably also do the gutters and down pipes in Jasper too - not sure if I should match it to the garage or the roof.

Render: Flood mud or Mud skipper
Internal Door Handles: Avilla Lever in Satin Chrome

Kitchen Benchtop: Ceasar Stone Coral Reef

Cabinet Doors: Laminate Nocturne oak - these will also be the laundry cabinet doors

Overhead Cabinet Doors: Laminate Young Beech

Glass Splashback: Somewhere around Dulux Pale Green or garden pond, not sure yet

Cabinet Handles: Bow Pull, Satin Chrome

Ensuite Vanity Basin: Valentino Basin Stepped Vessel - its round and deep
Ensuite Vanity Tapware: Mizu 1500 pinmixer

Still not sure on bench tops and cupboards for bathrooms, I need to visit some more display homes and get ideas.

Carpet: 8575 old leather cut pile plush
Tiles in front entrance, kitchen and Laundry: ETAFL504 - I don't have a picture of them
Tiles for bathroom floors: NT4554FL - This is quite a dark image of it, the actual tile is quite a but lighter in colour

Feature tiles for shower: MAXWL005

Wall Paint: I'm thinking either Bone, New Vanilla Cream
Roof and Cornices: Maybe New Pale Cream or Bouquet Orchid
Front Door: Biennale AC or Midnight Passion AC

This image makes the Midnight Passion a lot lighter than it is, it's actually darker than the Biennale

Friday, February 13, 2009

I forgot to mention

I went to the new Spotlight in South Morang today - my gosh! I think that is going to be right up there with one of my new favourite shops once I am in my house! :D

Also, I've never before noticed how many adverts there are on TV for building houses! Seriously, are all these new or have they always been there and I just haven't realised?

Changes already

I am finding that whenever I see a picture of a house or a garden I like or a kitchen, a lounge room - anything that is a house I am analysing it to see what kind of benches, drawers, paint, plants, colours etc they have! This is something very unusual for me but im kind of enjoying it at the same time - kinda sad really ;)

I am going to Hopetoun Interiors and National Tiles tomorrow to check out colours! The only idea's I have so far are that I want a deep darkish dusty purple front door, darkish tiles on the kitchen floor and light ones in the bathroom.

I find I am also deliberately trying to watch better homes and gardens and gardening australia

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Site Start

I've just been informed that my site start is set for May! Unfortunately I don't have a date in may as it will only ever be a month site start but at contract I will get an exact finish date according to PD

Week 1 has started

This morning I called M @Choice to check that he got my fax on Monday and that he has submitted my application for pre-approval for my home loan and he has! I should hear something back either Friday or Monday, but I'm not really that concerned by it as both mortgage brokers that I have spoken to said it wouldn't be a problem.

I just got a call from F @PD and I am now officially starting Week 1 of the Procedure of Purchase :D :D I have paid my $1,000 deposit to lock in the advertised specials and the price of the house and land. I should get my site start date soon and then next week I should start getting calls from Hopetoun Interiors, National Tiles and Clipsal for my colour and electrical selections/plans.

Monday, February 9, 2009

House Plans

I scanned the standard detailed house plans today - High and Low res version can be found here - House Plans

Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's sinking in

I'm sitting here in my loungeroom and I've just gone over the colours package I was given this morning and I think it is now just sinking in that I am building a house... I am building my very own house.


I've never really put much thought into things I want in a house as I figured I would be buying an existing place and you get what you get so to speak, but now that's all changed.
I will have a backyard with a garden and a big vegie patch and a compost. I will have a double car garage with a remote. I will have an ensuite and WIR! I will have a massive oven (mmm roast!) I will build an outdoor area that I want to build. I will have a second loungeroom.


I have a massive grin on my face at the moment :D

House plans

This morning I went and met up with my Porter Davis sales person, F. She went though some paperwork with me and gave me copies of the detailed house plans with all the measurements etc. It's so nice seeing the detailed plans, working out the sizes of everything. It's also starting to get more enjoyable now and less stressful which I am glad about.

I will scan all the plan's tomorrow at work so that I can put them up online.

I've also decided that I will be getting quotes for the driveway, fencing and air-conditioner not through Porter Davis, which means I need to have them done before the building contracts are signed as I need to include them with the papers given to the bank for the final approval.

H also came with me today and had a few good suggestions about the house, frosted glass on the bathroom and ensuite windows, extra power points etc. I'm starting to build a list of things I need changed and added. I also decided today to put a window on the meals area wall for a bit more natural light, I will mark that on the maps once I've scanned them. I also took H up to the block to show it to her and she liked the position of it and the tree's too :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I forgot to mention, I asked the land sales person for my sold sticker :D As you can see from the photo's of my block, I don't have a lot number sign on there so I don't have anywhere to put it, but he said the signs should be back up soon :D

Land is signed!

I saw a new mortgage broker this week to get a different view/opinion/options etc and I discovered that Westpac will advance you your first home owners grants at land settlement if you have a signed building contract. This meant that the land estate needed to agree to delay the settlement for 60 days pending finance. After a worrysome 24hrs head office agreed to it YaY!! What this means is that upfront, I only need about $4,500 (which I have) and all the other fees and deposits etc that I need will come out of the grants.

Yesterday I took my land contracts to a solicitor to read over them and make sure they are OK and today I went up to Mernda Villages and signed them! :D :D

I also went to the mortgage broker with all the required documents to apply for pre-approval for the home loan. Once I have pre-approval I can then start to fast track the house contracts which involves appointments for colours, tiles and electricity plan, so there is lots to do!

Another photo of my block, taken today

Standing on my dirt :D

I've started!

I posted this on February 1st 2009 on my other blog and thought I would repost it here

So today I went for a drive out to the area that I plan to build and I ended up putting a holding deposit on some land! Yes, I now have land! How scary is that? Well let me tell you, VERY! It's going to be a house and land deal with the builder but I still need to buy the land separately, they just have that blocked ear marked for them. It is a 14m by 32m block which is what I wanted and the orientation that I wanted too.

OMG, I have land!

So this week I need to go over the contracts and everything and then go back next week to sign them and pay the rest of the deposit. OMG, I have land!

I got sooooooo nervous when it came time to actually say yes and do it and then put the money down! OMG I HAVE LAND!!

This is the biggest most important thing I think I have ever done financially and lifestyle wise or in fact ever really and I'm doing it all alone which also adds some stress.

Of course it is all subject to finance, so I can pull out any time I want to if I start to panic.

Once it's all signed and everything I will start a blog for it all

OMG I HAVE LAND! -breathes deeply-

These are taken on my phone:

My driveway - the rear of the block faces north which makes the yard North West which is what I wanted

The block is 3 houses from the corner of a street that runs along these trees and these trees will be staying as they are on land that the developers don't own - I really like these trees!

More of the trees, taken from my driveway:

And again the block:

OMG, I have land!! I still can't believe it!