Wednesday, September 30, 2009

0 sleeps to go!

I set my alarm for 7am but I've been awake since about 5:30am so at 6am I just got up. I figured I was thinking about what needs to be done and seeing as I am already awake I may as well just get up and do them! So I am basically ALL done except the fridge freezer which I will wait until they get here to do that, I figure the less time things are in the eski the better.

I actually feel organised, I might not later though, so I am enjoying a cheese toasty and a cup of tea ::kiss::

I'm rambling and thinking outloud/through my fingers a bit but....

I've done it! I've built my very first house, my very own house and I am moving into it today!! And I have done it all on my own!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Home Owner, I have the keys

As you could see from my last post, I have the keys to my house! I got the keys at about 10am and I also got a small handover gift of gardening gloves, a handheld garden fork and some seeds.
It was such a great morning wandering about my house, MY HOUSE and letting myself into MY house with MY keys! I put all the temporary blinds up (redi shades) and by the time that was done the guy turned up to install the security doors but I had to leave to go to my friends funeral so my Dad and his wife stayed while they installed the doors - so very nice of them :)

There are still a few things that need touching up on the house, but they will get done and they are not major and if they have to wait till the 3 month maintenance then so be it, but I doubt it will take that long.

The funeral was, well, draining and emotional and right now I am mentally exhausted as well as quite stuffed physically. I've had to do a bit more packing tonight but I have stopped now and will do the last few bits in the morning and what doesn't get packed into a box can just stay for a few more days, but I should get most of it in.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day of moving, so glad I am getting removalists

My precious!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Cheque

I have The Cheque! All that's left to do now is inspect my house, drive all the way to Port Melbourne and hand it over and in return I get the keys!

Oh and I also need to finish packing! I really can't be bothered though... but I have to! I got some more boxes from Bunnings, some biggish ones for the awkward things left to pack... why do the fiddly bits n pieces remain as the last things to pack, that just makes it even more annoying.

Oh and I also now need to disassemble my beds my self as my brother was meant to help but no longer can... great...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Are we there yet?

3hrs of solid packing and my kitchen is basically done! All that's left in there is to clean out the fridge which I will do tomorrow (bin night) and take a heap of rubbish out to the bin, but I've sat down now and don't really feel like moving. Oh and to clean up the un used boxes.

Now all that's left to really do in the house is to put some odds and ends in some boxes or in green bags and then tomorrow I will also pack my stereo, dvd etc so I'm just left with the tv and SD box, oh and the laundry which will take about 10 mins.

I'm using my camping plates/cutlery to use for eating but I wont really be cooking anyway over the next few days as I want to get some take away meals from a few of my local fav's that I will miss.

I don't think I have ever been this organised for a move ever! I think I am at least 95% packed.

I have been sitting for a bit now and I am stuffed! I've gotta learn that when I'm standing up for so long that I really should have shoes on so I am standing on my orthodics as it really does help.
Oh and I should have cleaned the benches and the floor before I started packing - oops!

If it wasn't almost 5pm I would have a nap!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Finished door and Splashback is in

I have been a bit slack with photo's but that's mostly cos there isn't really anything new or exciting to show.
Well today I went up to the house and the painters have been hard at work and done the final coat to my front door, my glass splashback has also been installed!! Also there are a couple of photos I took from the PCI

PCI - My ensuite has the chicken pox - the red dots are used to mark what needs touching up

Bathroom looking to rumpus

One of my Heater/Aircon control panel

My front door has had it's final coat!

The bottom of the door frame has been stained

umm yeah, thanks for that painters...

New position of the towel rail, still not great but better

My glass spalshback is in!! It's Mocha Magic


From the sliding door

Splashback again

Very poor patch up of render :(

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Getting organised

With only 5 sleeps until handover and 6 sleeps until I actually move the to do list is getting shorter and then I think of more things that need doing...
  • Removalists confirmed - tick
  • Bank Cheque organised for day before hand over - tick
  • Insurance certificate - tick
  • Money transfered from ING to pay for everything - tick
  • Phone line connected - tick
  • ADSL applied for - tick
  • Cleaner organised for rental (Hi Kate!) - tick
  • Carpet cleaner organised for rental - tick
  • Organise security door installation - tick
  • Organise fly screen installation - tick
  • Organise concreter - tick (hopefully the weather plays nicely)
  • Paid my rates for this quarter so I don't forget - tick
  • Starting to panic - tick

Still to do:
  • Be given my Certificate of Occupance - hopefully today
  • Order rubbish and recycling bins from council - dependent on COO
  • Finish packing - ARGH! Actually it's not that bad... I think... -scratches head-
  • Mail redirection - I have the form, just need to submit it
  • Collect bank cheque for builder
  • Cancel services at rental and organise final readings
  • Unpack!
  • Change address for -everything- (I will do that once I've moved though)
  • Get the keys to my very first house!
I'm sure there are a few things I've forgotten about - please let me know if you can think of anything I am missing!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

PCI done. R.I.P Woody

Where do I start? What a shit of a day and yet great at the same time....

The carpet in the meals/family area is going to be replaced and lots of walls are going to be fully repainted as he doesn't like touch up jobs being done as you can see them - the two sides of the entrance, the two main walls of the meals/family plus the toilet is going to be re-sanded and painted as you can see some plaster joins, a laundry wall will also be re done. 3 lights weren't working so they will be fixed, the outside junction box will be changed. The laminate bench in the ensuite will be fixed/replaced. The front render will be fixed, the power point int he bathroom has had to be put in the cupboard due to the smallness of the room and proximity to water sources and the post at the front of the house will be fixed properly. And then there are lots of bits that need repainting around the cornices etc due to movement and they will probably need to be re-done at the 3 and 12 month checks too... c'est la vie
I forgot the hair dryer so I didn't check any power points but I'm really not too worried as my SS has said that he looks after things for the first month, so anything I see that needs fixing he will get fixed in that first month and then it goes to the maintenance people and that alone leaves me feeling good as I know he does a good job.

I took photo's but really can't be bothered posting them as nothing has changed other than the addition of the red dots... splashback will go in later this week. It takes a while as they can't measure for it until the stone bench tops are in and then they need to cut the glass and then send it to the painters to be painted.

I've just checked my colour selections and I think they have installed the wrong internal door handles, everything is satin chrome but the door handles are all shiny and not a matt finish - gah, do I bother or not?

Oh and my phone got connected today! The appointment was meant to be for 8am-12pm but at 11:30 he came past and I told him how glad I was he arrived and he said he is about 4hrs early - they moved my appointment to 1pm-5pm and no one told me, anyway he had another one for a house just down the road so he did mine at the same time!

Just after starting my inspection I got a phone call from my sister to tell me that one of our long time family friend died in an accident this morning. I've known him for over half of my life and if I hadn't got back in contact with my Dad I would have asked him to walk me down the aisle if I was to ever get married. He leaves behind a lovely Wife, Tanya and two sons Trent and Hayden.

I was meant to go back to work this afternoon but just not in the head space for it. I'm also mean to help officiate/judge a cycling event my club is running tonight and I just don't know if I will or not yet... feeling pretty crappy and not in the mood to be around people

Monday, September 21, 2009

PCI Tomorrow!

My PCI inspection is tomorrow! Yes, tomorrow!! It's amazing to think that I have survived the journey ;) The build has gone so smoothly and I am so pleased that it has considering how stressful it was dealing with the home loan application.

So tomorrow I will be armed with a clipboard, my electrical plan, a hairdryer and my camera! The hair dryer is for checking that all the power points work.

I have been compiling a list of things to check:
• Make sure you open and close lots of things eg all doors incl cupboards etc,
• open and close all windows
• check all taps and make sure the water drains away.
• Check all paint work
• look down the side of the walls where the light shines onto it.
• Make sure all doors have the weather strips
• check that the roof insulation is tidy and even.
• Check for chipped bricks and discoloured or missing mortar.
• Make sure there are no missing roof tiles.
• Make sure the windows aren't scratched on the frame or glass.
• Check that no tiles are pointing (higher than others). (bare feet)
• Make sure toilets are centered in the space and flush properly.
• Exhaust fans work
• check under the vanities to check that when they drilled the holes to get the plumbing through they did a good job
• check the cabinetry
• check the sliding door handles are all the same styles
• check the windows to make sure they didn't get paint sprayed on them - you may need to feel for the paint as it may not show up in the light
• check the sliding doors are level and shut properly
• check for all the extra power points are there
• Take a hair dryer to test every single power point works
• Check all lights turn on

Friday, September 18, 2009

Final Invoice

I got my final invoice today! I called the bank to get the process started and they told me that who ever it was that said I needed 7-8 business days didn't know what they were on about! It's 5 days maximum! Anyway, they will send a person out within 2 business days and then I will be contacted about how I want to make the final payment sand where to get the cheque. I'm hoping I can collect it on the Monday after work so I don't have any hassles and delays on the Tuesday.

Also an interesting fact, Westpac don't require a copy of my COO for the final payment!

While I was on the phone to the guy at the bank I asked him how much short I would be. For some reason I had it in my head that I was going to be a few hundred dollars short but it turns out I am wrong! After I have made the last payment to the builder and I have paid my heater/aircon crew I will actually have a bit over $2.5k that I can get put into my account!! Wooooohooooooooo! Calculation error in my favour!! Go past go and collect $200! YaY!!

Phone update

I got some great news today about my phone connection - there isn't going to be a delay and it should get connected when requested! It looks like they just hadn't updated their records or something and with me being the first to apply for it I was the lucky one to get the message until it all got updated! C'est la vie, I'm just glad it's going to be connected and I should be able to have ADSL for when I move in!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Inside photo's!

I got into the house today! The electricians were there moving the light switch in the garage and the guy was there installing the shower screens!

It was soooooooooo nice just walking around my house with the carpet in, it really felt like a house and almost like a home!!

Ensuite mirror was installed today

Ensuite fan

Ensuite mixer tap - colours are washed out due to the flash

The well placed towel rail... still need to ask for this to be removed

Bathroom mirror was also installed today

Bathroom shower screen was also installed today

Bathroom shower screen

Bathroom shower screen

Telephone and GPO in the pantry

Vegie sprayer!

Kitchen, meals and family

Close up

Not very impressed by this carpet join :( It's in the family/meals

Also not impressed about this carpet join - this one is in the rumpus

Bathroom tiles


Kitchen tiles

Can you spot the 3 ducks?

Lock it in Eddie!

My PCI and handover dates are officially official now!! :D As opposed to being told its those dates but not actually having it set in stone! Sweeeeeeet!

No word on the invoice yet though, hopefully they get that sorted today and can email me a pdf of it so I can call the bank up and get them started on it all!!

I also got a phone call today that my security doors are ready! I've booked them in for the afternoon of handover - lets hope handover goes smoothly... might be a fine fine line...

Just think, this time in two weeks I will have woken up in my new house from my first nights sleep there!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

To do list

I tell you what, moving into a new house on it's own needs a project manager! So far I have organised to put up the temporary redi shades and front window blinds the Tuesday (handover day). On the Wednesday I am moving and have scheduled the fly screens to be installed that afternoon. Thursday/Friday/Saturday hopefully my concrete for the driveway and alfresco is done, two days is needed - fingers crossed for good weather. I also need to organise a day for the security doors to be installed and I need to organise the cleaning of my current place and I need to clean up the backyard! Gawd I have soooooooo much to do that it's not funny! Also as already mentioned I still don't know when I will get a phone line AND I need to get my tv antenna connected in the roof! I'm trying not to watch my recorded tv and downloads just incase I wont have tv recception or internet - my gawd, could you imagine no TV and no internet?!?! The mind boggles!

Outdoor Painting

I called my SS yesterday and discovered that he didn't realise that the PCI and handover dates had been locked in! ARGH!!! So I explained that N had told me she discussed it with him and we talked about the dates and that I have given rental notice based on the dates and booked removalists etc etc! Anyway, I found out today that he will be submitting those dates into the system - lets hope that I now get all the stuff to the bank in time for their processing times!

I also submitted my order for a home phone line and was told that it has been put on hold due to the main cable requiring an upgrade - wtf? I figure it's just that my end of the street hasn't been actually turned on yet and that I am probably the first to apply for a phone line in this stage. I should find out a timeline of when I can expect to get a phone line and then I can work out what to do in regards to internet etc

In other news, the outdoor painting has been started!!

Chateau Lisa - can you see the painting of the gutters, eaves, down pipes and....

My front door has an undercoat!! I LOVE IT!!! Really LOVE it!

Loving the colour!! See the portico roof and wood poles have all been painted

The door needs another coat, but I LOVE it!!

You can just see that they have done the inside too

Painted downpipes

Painted garage door

Monday, September 14, 2009


My carpet was installed today! I'm not really sure I like it, I don't mean I hate it, but I expected it to be a bit darker and browner or something, it just seems a bit washed out in the meals and family room.
The colour is Old Leather

Master bedroom carpet

Meals area see how much lighter it looks

Bed 2 - see how much darker and browner it looks and not as washed out

Rumpus to the front door

Meals and family room

It sure had been, the windows were VERY clean!

Termite thingy

Good to see that they are the right ones

Counting down

Yes, I am officially in countdown mode! Tomorrow is the builders Final Inspection where building surveyors or some such come out and inspect the house in order to release the Certificate of Occupancy and evidently some of the managers from head office come out and take a look too.

I have 8 sleeps until my PCI and 15 sleeps until handover! -squeal- I really only have 2 weeks left to go!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO Wow!

I've been trying to make a list of what needs to be completed:
  • Carpet
  • Kitchen splashback
  • shower screens
  • Mirrors
  • outdoor painting (I want to see my door!!!)
  • electrician needs to move a light switch and do a GPO in the bathroom and an outdoor light
  • Insulation to go into the roof
  • Appliances - last thing to go in though
I finally bought some door mats on the weekend. I had been looking for something nice that wasn't plain and boring and I finally found one that's simple but OK.
I've asked a friend to get her hubby, who is a handyman, to give me a price on how much it would cost to build a brick letterbox but yesterday I also finally found the letterbox I was after so I'm really not sure which way to go with regards to that, I'm tipping it will be a price point decision.

I also ordered my redi shades last week and they were sent on Thursday so hopefully I get them today too

OMG I have only 15 sleeps to go!!! I really should have done some more packing on the weekend hahahah ahh well will do some each night after work this week, there really isn't a lot left to do but still, it does need to be done.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Door Handles

I have door handles! They were installed this morning and look very nice :D

My front door handle has been installed

Garage door to the house has had its deadlock installed

Door stoppers have been installed (you can see my writing on the garage slab :D )

Internal door handles and wardrobe fit out

Ensuite - toilet roll holder and towel rail -I asked that the towel rail not be installed but just noticed it was on the final drawings -sigh- I will ask my SS to see if he can remove it, I mean who is going to hang towels OVER the toilet roll holder and RIGHT NEXT to the toilet?!?!

Pantry door handle

Internal door handle

BIR door handles