Saturday, August 29, 2009

More tiling photos but from inside

I had a bit of time to kill this morning so naturally I went up to my house :D I also managed to find a door that was left unlocked! Sweeeeeeet! I got lots of photo's and spent a long time checking out all the paint work - I'm VERY impressed with the painting!! There are some marks and scratches but they are probably from the tilers - it happens.
Also, happy to report that the previous photo's of the paint on the cabinet work has been fixed!

Side of bath (Chocolate Matt) and floor tiles (Agra Sandstone). The top of the bath will be the same as the side

Shower in the bathroom

Bath plumbing, the shape in the concrete makes sense now - that water is still there grrr

Toilet! I like how they have done the tiles in here (Agra Sandstone)

Laundry (Loft Walnut)

Kitchen (Loft Walnut)

Bathroom/ensuite/toilet floor tiles (Agra Sandstone) next to the kitchen/entrance/laundry (Loft Walnut)

Ensuite shower (Mulia Gloss white with a strip of Chocolate Matt). The Bathroom shower will have the same strip

Shower base and floor tile (Agra Sandstone)

Close up of the feature strip (Chocolate Matt)

Damaged vanity in the ensuite

Completed paintwork

Two deep scratches on the front door

Bath support - it's actually a row of bricks and then cement or something

Friday, August 28, 2009

I have laid tiles

I got to my house today after 5pm and the tilers were still there working!! They were still there trying to get as much done as possible so that they can finish on Monday - yes, done in two days!! Woohoo! Hopefully that means that the fit out of all the electricals can start sooner which means it might only be 2 weeks away - WARGH!!! YaY!! :D

Unfortunately, I couldn't really go anywhere other than the kitchen due to the tiles being laid and being wet as they do the tiles in a way that they do the entrance last, which makes sense.

Naturally, some photos!

Kitchen floor in front of the pantry


How the bath tub is being held up - by bricks and dirt....

Bath is in the rumpus

Laundry floor

Laundry bench

Through the kitchen window

My neighbours have started - their site got scraped today!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bits N pieces

The inside painting has now been completed and the doors are back on! None of the outdoor painting has been done yet though. I spoke to the painters about the inside of the front door but I have also emailed N my CSA about it to ensure that it is re-painted.
The wet area's have also been water proofed, I have my bathtub and the tiles have all been delivered ready for a start tomorrow (hopefully!)

The photo's are from the past two days and are all taken through the windows.
I was asked to provide some picture of how thick the bench top is too, so they are below

The painting inside is completed and the doors are back on

The painting in the garage is completed

Bath hob has been water proofed

Bathroom shower is water proofed

Benchtop with carboard on top

Benchtop again with the cardboard on top

You can just see it, the corner of the ensuite shower hob has been water proofed

Delivery from Frank Walker! (National Tiles) - the long tube is also from them, no idea what's in it though - any thoughts?

Messages to the tiler

I have a bath tub!!!

Holding it up

mmmmmmmm Bath

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More paint and my kitchen bench!!

I got to my house again today just as the painters had literally locked up!! They let me in again which was awesome :D
I asked them if they knew that the inside of the front door was meant to be the same as the outside and they didn't know - it doesn't have it on their sheet - ahh well they know now! He then went and got the tin of paint and the colour is actually quite a bright purple and not a dusty purple as per the sample card... he asked me if I was sure that I wanted the inside in that colour as I have quite natural neutral colours inside and I replied with 'Yeah!!! :D' hehehe Now I've seen the colour I'm really not as confident but stuff it, it's only a door if I hate it I will re do it LOL!! But I know I'm gonna love it!! (I hope in a wacky zany way)

I also discovered that my kitchen benchtops have been delivered and installed!! :D

Anyway, onto the photos!

Shiny! The doors are all done

The door frames are done too

Front door completed, but in the wrong colour - I explained it to them today so they will re do it

Family room

My kitchen bench top has been installed!!

Close up

Rumpus room and you can see the cows!

Shiny! The window frames have all been done too

Monday, August 24, 2009

I have paint!

I got to my house today just as the painters were leaving, talk about great timing!! It looks like the first coat is done for the entire house in one day! Not so sure I'm happy about that though when I see the quality of it, it's quite patchy in parts and I'm not sure if I am getting two or three coats of paint... hrmmm
There is also a couple of fails with the covering up of cabinets in the kitchen :( Does anyone know if they are able to remove the paint from the laminex or if they need replacing?

Walls are Bone and the roof is white and the front door will be Bienale inside and out once it's done

Hallway and front door - I wonder if the painters realise that the front door is meant to be the same inside as the outside and not the same as the walls

Outside not done

Master bedroom

First coat is a bit rough in quite a number of places

Family, meals and kitchen which is all covered up... sort of

Kitchen, meals and family room

A bit thin... will have to make sure I check for these kinds of things after the final coat

Fail! I hope they have something that will clean the paint off my kitchen cabinets

Even bigger fail - again I hope they can clean this up