Friday, November 27, 2009

Water Damage?

I thought I survived the storm that hit my area yesterday but now I'm not so sure...

These are my upper kitchen cupboards and you can see the slight discolouration of the paint and that the paint is peeling off the wall - it's not a crack like the other area's although there is also a crack
Is this something to really panic about, should I be emptying the top cupboards?

I can't see anything else anywhere that joins the wall


  1. OMG that's terrible - hope it doesn't get worse, I hear that water leaks (to new homes) is not uncommon, so I spose it's no need to panic! Under warranty to fix I expect...

  2. Definatly needs to be checked out! Have you noticed any water coming through? Looks to me like the plaster has moved and split the acrylic paint(which is slighly flexable)? Try pushing on the plaster/cornice and see what moves. Good luck with it!