Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gardening - Chilli Plants

Today I finally got around to re-potting the chilli plants that I was given! My friend that gave me the plants has literally hundreds of them growing (mostly in pots in his front yard!) and was more than happy to share some with me! The pot's I used I was also given (how good is this!) by someone that was going to throw them out and the best thing they both live in the next suburb which makes it even better!

So first of all I had to clean the terracotta pots as I was originally going to paint them (not so sure now) but first they need to be sealed! I also had to go buy more potting mix as the pots I decided to use were a lot bigger than the black pots I had planned to use, but at least these pots mean that the plants can stay in them a lot longer, if not forever.
After getting back from the big green hardware box, I had the sealer required and painted up all the pots and then left them to dry for a few hours. I used this time to finally assemble the wheelbarrow that my sister bought me for Christmas - too many bolts, urgh! I then replanted all the plants and watered them well with some seasol!

Here are the pictures:

Cleaning the terracotta pots and letting them dry

The chilli plants in need of bigger pots

Shiny! Just after being sealed

The first chilli plant re-potted and a lady bird appears, awesome!

All 7 plants

Bottom to top - Thai Chilli (my original plant), Hungarian Hot Wax and African Bird

Left to right Naga Morich, Corno di torro ross, Golden cayenne and Red Savina (Worlds Hottest Habanero Pepper according to Guinness book of world records!)

I assemble this wheelbarrow today, it was a christmas present from my sister


  1. You're so handy Lisa, they look so cute :)

  2. Thanks Vundaful! It wasn't all that difficult really but it feels great having done it :D

  3. Personally I wouldn't paint the pots...I think it would draw away from the fantastic colors you'll get from the chilli fruit.

  4. Thanks Mike, I think you're right!