Monday, January 18, 2010

New table and stools

I finally got my new table! After a few dramas - firstly they ordered the wrong colour and only realised when they were about to deliver it, then the day they finally did deliver the correct table, the screws weren't included in the box so I couldn't attach the legs to the table and then when I finally got it setup the table is damaged! It looks like it wasn't packed properly and the edge of it has rubbed on the box or something -sigh- They are going to replace it, but in the mean time here are some photos!

I can't decide between the blue table runner and the green. I love the bright blue, but I think the green goes better with everything else

My table with the blue runner

With the green runner

New stools for under the bench, I love the shape of them


  1. wow - they are lovely - high backed chairs always look good to me!

  2. Thanks Annie! I love high backed chairs too! I wanted to get high backed bar stools but because they are right behind the chairs it would have just been too much. I'm very happy with my purchases and how the look :D

  3. Nice dining setting! I love the green runner, but green is my favourite colour ;D

    Those stools look SO comfy!

  4. Thanks Vundaful!

    I really LOVE the stools! My sister and my Dad both have plain round ones and I always get numb legs! I'm hoping these ones wont do that

  5. I like the stools because they are different to the same 'ol same 'ol stools you see everywhere. Great choice.

  6. Thanks immyk! That's what drew me to them :D