Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vegie Beds are in place and full of soil

Yesterday I finished building my vegie garden beds and I dragged them into spot - then I realised that the soil wasn't level and I just knew that that would really P me off so then I set about trying to level them out which first involved trying to find my meter long spirit level! After a 20 minute hunt I couldn't find it so I called my brother - he said he'd bring one around in 30 minutes. In typical fashion I then found it! With my spirit level in hand I then went about measuring where to put them and the spaces for pathways etc and then I dug up the soil to level the ground.

Today I moved 3/4 m3 of soil, 90 minutes later and I finally had the beds full of soil!! Ignore all the weeds, they are slowly keeling over.

I will also wait a few days before planting anything to let the soil settle a bit - so possibly this weekend! ::smile::

In place and ready for the soil

Trailer load of soil - a mix of 50% Premium Soil, 25% Cow Manure, 25% Certified Organic Compost

All full! The bed's are a great heigh in that I could just dump the soil from the wheel barrow

Distance between the fence and the beds

Distance between the beds

Distance between the house and the beds - a good sized pathway