Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New soil!

Today I got my extra soil delivered, all 15m3 of it! I also organised for a friend to come around with his bob cat to spread it out - took him about 90 mins which included putting the fence back on.

Two trailer loads

Very skilled, that trailer is still attached!

15m3 of soil

It's a tight fit

Lets go up

Half done in the backyard

First soil in the front

All done

Rear of the house

From the back fence looking forward I still need to level out some bits near the fence line

LHS of the driveway

Front yard done

My tomatoes


  1. Lisa,
    Posts are getting thin and far between! Are you otherwise occupied....or has the novelty worn off?

  2. Anon not much else has been happening really

  3. Hey Lisa. Make sure your soil doesn't go above your damp course! Can cause problems.

  4. Thanks Anon! It's below it so it's all ok :)

  5. looks like a lovely home & garden....if you built wit Romeo Homes make sure you inspect your property....they have a tendancy to cut corners & Slap things together....will never build with this company ever...total crap