Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bricks are moved!

Thanks to some very awesome people, yesterday we got all my bricks moved!

The suggestion was made to put them on pellets so we grabbed some from over the road and got to work. I am so thankful for the help, it didn't end up taking us too long to do as there were 5 of us and two wheel barrows which helped to get it done a lot quicker and easier

The pile of bricks to be moved

The bricks have been relocated to the concrete

The Bricks

A lovely clear backyard ready for fencing and soil to be brought in

Mars Bar cheesecake that I made - mmmm yummy!!

New window coverings, it's just material that I have thumbtacked into the window frame but it blocks the light so my bedroom isn't full of daylight at 6:30am anymore!

I can also now see out the front windows!!


  1. Nice temp blinds :) easier to peg up then the redishades :)

  2. oh definitely! Although I couldn't peg up the front blinds as they are awning windows and the redi shades had to be taped to the window behind the fly screen