Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fence is 95% done!

Yes, my fence is now 95% complete!!! All that's left to do is the gates and about 1.5 panels to the blind side where it joins my neighbours garage!! I'm surprised how tall the fence is, it certainly provides privacy although I will be building the soil up a bit but still, being a short arse people wont be able to see me.

From the front of the garage where the gates will go

My backyard from the back of the garage

Rear of my block where the vegie garden will be

Looking back to the garage/front of the house

Blind side looking to the rear of the block - the missing 1.5 panels are to my right in this photo


  1. Your fence is looking good! :) Can I ask which company you used & would you recommend them to others?

  2. Thanks Sirona! Once they have finished, if i am happy I will let you know who they are :)