Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rotary Hoe Part 1

oooowwwww my hands!!!

Today I hired a Rotary Hoe to dig up all my existing soil. 2hrs it took to do it all and for 2hrs my left hand has had to hold the go handle on and OOOOWWWWW!!!! I think its stuck in a grippy handle position

But I'm done! They are pretty cool machines with the reverse feature and all but bloody hard to turn corners!

I had to get someone to help me get it off the trailer too, cos my dad's trailer has high sides I couldn't get the leverage to start it on the trailer to reverse it down the ramps and then we dropped it and it wouldn't start but then I fixed it and got it going

I was knackered! I was covered in sweat and my head sweats a lot so my head was drenched! Got it all done in the one go though w/out stopping and glad I did it! When I finished I really felt like I needed a nice cold beer but my hands were too sore to grip it and open it and it was only 10:30am ;)

One advantage of having no fences and a close boundary, throw all the big bits of broken brick and rocks to other property hehehe

I got woken up by this at 6:50 am :(

Before: Front yard

Before: Side of garage

Before: Backyard

After: Front yard

After: Side of Garage to back yard

After: Backyard

After: rear of house


Two tiny tomatoes!!

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