Thursday, October 1, 2009

I am in!

Removalists are the best invention since sliced bread, I'm serious! It was sooooooooooo good and stress free!! They did an awesome job and they dismantled my bed and didn't even charge me anything more for it!! So far it doesn't seem like anything is broken or damaged, they were very professional and were just sensational. I HIGHLY recommend Epping Furniture Removals - Call Darren on 9401 3400 or 0408 352 349

My Sister and my step mum both came up and gave me a hand to unpack my kitchen (half of my stuff is kitchen stuff!) and now my kitchen is completely unpacked and I owe them so much for helping me to do that! My sister even made my bed for me after we assembled it all!

My oven is in and it is huuuuuuuge and I love all 900mm of it :D I haven't used it yet, but that's mostly cos I can't be bothered cooking anything as that involves standing and that is something I'm adverse to currently due to VERY sore feet!

My first night sleeping here last night was OK. I didn't get much sleep, but first night in any place I never really do, so hopefully tonight is better as I got out of bed extremely tired this morning! I also have the redi shades on my front windows as the blinds I bought didn't fit and with a street light right out the front it means that they kind of glow in the night, but I will get used to that eventually I think. If I don't then there are ways around it with some material.

My ADSL is now connected and I have my wifi connected and all going - YaY to being organised and getting that done before moving in!

The concreters came today and have done all the boxing up and stuff for laying the concrete and they will be back on Sunday to pour it. It looks great already as it is as it isn't a pile of mud and dirt! My outdoor/alfresco area is going to be huge, I love it!

I haven't really unpacked a lot today as my feet are just really quite sore and I am TIRED so I am having a bit of a relax and might even go have a bath soon :)


  1. where's the picks - love to see your mess! hehe

    how much were your removalists??

  2. I've taken some of the outside but I've had such a draining week that I can't even concentrate for long... I should get some tomorrow though after a hopefully good nights sleep! The wine should help :)

    Removalists charged me $470! Bargain if you ask me!

  3. Well done Lis, sit back & enjoy it. It's a great house, you should be very proud :-)