Saturday, October 10, 2009

Off to VCAT

I'm being taken to VCAT by the landlords of the unit I just moved out of. I handed the keys in at the rental on Tuesday and as expected the landlords think I broke the glass on the shower screen. What actually happened was during the heatwave in Jan/Feb I was showering and I heard a tinkle noise which I thought was my shower egg timer thingy falling down, but it was the glass of the screen cracking. If you look at the glass you can see that there has not been any impact... anyway they have decided that they will take me to VCAT to get the money out of my bond. If VCAT say I need to pay then so be it, but I will be putting up my own photo's and putting my own case across :D

It should be interesting as the unit is being advertised as up for rent again with the availability as being 'now' so the whole vcat process could take a few weeks so they will have to pay for the replacement upfront.

They've also put the rent up another $20 per week!


  1. oh this is a bumma. Have you rung your insurance company to see who is responsible for shower screen damage due to heatwave, it may be you, or building owner... what does your lease say about damage to the property whilst you are in possession?

  2. Good luck Lisa at VCAT. I hated renting and that was probably the worst part of building a home. At least now you are in your beautiful new house and once its over, you can move on and enjoy living and decorating your home.

    Mrs B

  3. Annie: A standard lease says that tenants are responsible for damage that they cause and seeing as I didn't cause it I would prefer not to pay for it.

    Thanks Mrs B! I've been renting for 10 years or so now and this is the first time this has happened but I'm not nervous about VCAT as I know that I didn't break it, unfortunately they may not see it that way but that's a risk I'm prepared to take if it means I might not have to pay for it