Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's nice

I love being in my house. I love the space, I love the kitchen bench space, I love the size of the oven, I love having a garage and I love the peace and quiet! I also love the animal life, the ducks, the birds, the cows and even though I know that they are an evil evil pest, I do enjoy watching the rabbits run around. I'm currently watching one dig into a pile of dirt that someone dumped just the other side of my fence line (no fences yet though)
Another thing I love is having visitors! At my old place no one visited but that's also because it wasn't really the kind of place to have visitors due to the extreme lack of space. Yesterday I had 3 different sets of visitors! :D I love it! Although I think I need to stock up on some things like maybe some biscuits or something to offer visitors hehe


  1. It sounds like a great feeling! I can't wait till I experience that feeling myself... soon hopefully LOL. It's been great following your blog and I'm so happy for you now that you've moved in and getting settled. Keep us all updated with the extra things like furnishings, landscaping, etc... because I'm sure we'll all be watching with interest.

  2. Space, the thing I am looking forward to, and no stairs, I am green with envy :-) And its always nice to show off your new house to visitors and shouldnt they be bringing around the "house warming" nibbles?

  3. So glad that you are IN and LOVING it all. Congratulations, themax

  4. Thanks MaxyB and TheMax! I do love it! :D More and more each day and now that i am getting more things unpacked (slowly) it's even better!

    MaxyB a few have brought around house warming champers which is ALWAYS appreciated!