Saturday, October 24, 2009

Damage update

So I called next doors builder yesterday and left a message for their admin person who called me back within an hour or two. I explained what had happened and she said she would get the supervisor to call me.
I didn't get the call on Friday but when I came home the fence was up and my house looks as though nothing at all has happened to it! Not sure what they did but I don't mind as now it looks fine


  1. That's really good you've got it fixed without issue. Let's hope they're more careful in future. :)

  2. Great that it's fixed!! Shame that they didn't sort it out straight away though...

    How good is it living in your own house though! I'm loving it.

  3. Sirona: lets hope they are!

    Sophie: it's great being in the house :D :D