Thursday, October 8, 2009

Possible lights

I went to a light shop today and saw a couple of lights that I really like but I'm just not sure about them - they are the same colour and I was thinking of this pendant for the family and meals area
and then the green one of these for the 3 across the bench maybe? They are the same green and the pic above is more representative of the actual colour


  1. Have to disagree Annie. I've seen better.

  2. How can you anonymously say, "I've seen better" and then not prove it? I think they're lovely and Annie's opinion is correct.


  3. Nice lights lisa. Where did you see them? Do the long ones come in red???

  4. Thanks Annie and D&SG :) I like the colour, a light and fresh colour! I am going to wait till I get my new furniture before buying lights though

    Michael you can get them from most light shops - has some good prices