Friday, October 2, 2009

Inside photo

Here are some photo's I've taken over the past few days

Security doors were installed - marine steel grade mesh or something, I'm calling it the door people don't see as I have already had two people not realise it was there and try to walk through it

Driveway is all boxed up for concrete

Driveway boxed up

Outdoor/alfresco area boxed up

I asked them if they could move all my bricks to the back corner with the bob cat and they did :) Although I wonder how many broke

Now the bricks are moved the side of my garage is all cleared and flattened out

My kitchen!


Island bench


I love the space on the top here, it's huge!

Meals and family with my old furniture

Family, meals and kitchen

My letter box - it needs a bit of a clean up and I want to paint it the same as the render

First meal cooked in the oven


  1. OMG! I love your oven! Awesome. :) Your kitchen has come together really well. I also like your security door - blends in nicely with your overall look without screaming prison. But, isn't the handle on the wrong side?

  2. Thanks Sirona! My Dad said the same thing about the door handle, but if you can picture it, the driveway and garage is on the left, so if you walk up the driveway to the house the door opens towards the solid wall. If it was to go the other way then you would have to walk around the door to get in the house

  3. yes your oven is def a winner in your kitchen, the real star (besides the cook - err sorry, chef!) Funny bout that flywire door!

  4. I'm so jealous of you right now :) Congratulations on moving in, your place looks great. I've totally got oven envy as well, wishing I'd gone all out and got the 900mm!

  5. Annie: LOL!! I'm no chef, just a cook! I might make a cake today and see how evenly the oven cooks

    Thanks Tim and Fiona! :) You will be in the same situation soon! :D