Thursday, October 22, 2009

Damage from next doors builders

I came home today to find that my next door neighbours temp fencing had pushed over and it had hit my front wall and has damaged my render. I'm pretty sure it was knocked over when they did a site clean as the left over brickies sand was spread all over their driveway area AND the blue feet thingy that the fence sits in to stop it falling over was sitting on the middle of the wire as you can see below

I'm also quite annoyed again as they are using my power by unplugging my Solar hot water system! A) I am annoyed they are using my power but b) they are unplugging MY stuff to do so!! There is a perfectly fine power point 5m down the wall that they could use w/out me even knowing!

Neighbours temp fence was knocked down and hit my wall and damaged the render :(

Close up

Down through the first layer to the second (white) layer of render

Mortar in my fly screen from the neighbours brickies


  1. That's disgusting!!!! I'd definitely be making a call the builder. It sucks that people are so careless when with other people's possessions.

  2. i would go absolutely insane if that happened to me, using your power, wtf is that? in my books that stealing, i would threaten the builder with going to the police. have they been in touch about the fence damage? and the mortar in the screen..... Dont expect anything less though, builders tradesmen are retarded at the best of times. I hope you get this cleaned up and resolved without any stress. Good luck

  3. Thanks Sophie, I'm so unimpressed! Metricon are going to be hearing from me! I think my SS knows the SS for next door (heard them saying g'day once) so I might call my SS to get the renderers details and mention why and see what he says too

  4. that makes me so mad lol. want me to come round and give them some what for?

  5. Bill I'm suprisingly calm about it.... for now! The mortar in the screen and also some on my air con condenser I can deal with but it just is amazing how bloody rediculous it is how little care tradies have for properties :(

    I haven't been contacted yet but then the SS probably hasn't seen it yet either. One of the owners was there this arvo but I doubt he even really noticed

  6. oh my God....Looks like 9/11