Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I hope today is better

Yesterday I emailed my mortgage broker to ask if she had heard anything... I didn't get a reply to my email so at about 3pm I decided to call her. She finished with the company on Friday. Why she didn't tell me this I don't know. Immediately a heap of negative thoughts started going through my head - what if the information about the valuation is wrong and she lied? What if it isn't up to where she has told me it's at? I hear all these stories about other people's mortgage brokers doing such a shitty job that I started to really panic and really stress about it - a lot! I waited on hold for over 30 minutes to speak to her supervisor who has taken over her customers until they get someone else in and she said 'according to your file....' well what if what's she's written on my file is wrong?


Anyway, 'according to my file' they are expecting an answer today. So hopefully not much longer to worry and stress about everything finance related.

I also got attitude yesterday from my solicitor for requiring another extension on the finance clause on my land... well I'm sorry that the bank is taking its sweet time, but that's not my fault, please don't give me attitude :(

I also called my real estate agent yesterday to ask if the landlord would consider a increase of only $20 a week considering I plan to move out later in the year... I also didn't realise but I'm actually only (hah!) paying $280 p/w and not the $285 p/w which means that my increase is $40 p/w! My property manager wasn't in but I spoke to another one who said she would pass it on to him today - lets see what the outcome is


  1. Sounds like your broker may have been made redundant? It shouldn't make too much difference at this stage as the broker(s) have pretty much done their bit now anyway. I expect you will have your official approval soon and then you can crack open that bubbly :)

    ~ Hels ~

  2. hope you have heard by now seen its getting late in the day! Im so totally over banks and brokers now! I had to ask today to find out that mine had left and thats why the boss had been ringing me instead

  3. I called her at 3pm and she said she hadn't heard anything but we have till Friday! I re-explained the situation of being in the second extension period for the land and hwo they have had 4 weeks now when it should have been 2. I asked her to call the bank and find out which she replied with 'yeah I need to call them anyway' When she said that I just wanted to say 'yes you do need to call them to ask about MY LOAN!!"

    Anyway she called me back and said that she has escalated to a manager and will check again on Thursday - GAWD this is frustrating!!