Thursday, April 16, 2009

New valuation amount!

My mortgage broker just called me and informed me that the reason she didn't have any update yesterday is because the bank just called her this morning and they have re-evaluated my loan and they have now decided to give me the whole amount so my aircon is now fully included! :D

I still don't have my final unconditional approval go ahead thingy, but hopefully Monday! Unfortunately this means extending the finance on my land again, but that's ok!


  1. Congrats on the re-evaluation! That's good news. We had to have our land thingo extended 3 times before our bank came through with the goods!! Banks are useless.

  2. Agreed that banks are useless. Unless they come back to us before the end of Monday we'll have to extend our land clause for the 3rd time. Seriously how long can this take? We have had to push our PD contract signing back a week... grrrrrrr

  3. Great news about the valuation! Damn.... you might start before me now! lol

  4. I dunno Jo, settlement now isn't until May 5th! I haven't told PD that yet though hehe :)

  5. Fingers Crossed for you Lisa!

    It's so hard waiting and not knowing. I never believe anything until it is in writing.