Saturday, April 4, 2009

Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show

Today I headed into the city to go to the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show to try to get some idea's for my future garden - sooo much to see and I pretty much just browsed my way through w/out spending a lot of time looking at product stalls and I was there for 2 hrs. I didn't want to buy anything now as I don't really know what I want/need and why buy stuff that I will just have to move!

Photo time!!

Lots of these on show:

I like the little sunflowers and the rows in a round container:

A combination of the above two:

I liked how full this looked with all the veges but I think they are all in their own pots :(

I thought this one (as pictured by someone else too) looked great with the rocks

Lots of places were selling these tank garden beds

I really liked how the rocks bordered the path and the garden

I liked the colour combination of this one:

Another kind of pathway option

Another pathway and tyres being used to put plants in

Veges surrounded by hay or sugar cane bales

I really liked this plant

I liked this idea for putting plants on a wall

I liked this path combined with the tank beds

I wonder how long it would take me to drink enough to build my own wall like this? ;)

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