Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Still no word

So the finance clause expires today and as of yesterday the valuation had been done but it had to go back to credit to finalise everything. I don't know the outcome of the valuation as yet, hopefully I find out today.
My broker assured me that to organise an extension on the finance is as easy as making a phone call or sending an email/letter and that it wont be a problem to do if we don't have the answer today.

I really hope I find out today though, I don't want to have any delays and I just want to know! But to be honest, between work and cycling club commitments, I'm really exhausted and almost don't have the brain bandwidth to even worry think about this today.

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  1. Hi Lisa

    I'm sure all will work out. We still don't have finance approval and we have our Elect and Colour appointments tomorrow. I called PD last week and said that the banks are changing their policy almost daily and if they don't hurry up it will all fall over and they'll lose a sale. On Friday I got a call from PD and on Monday a call from Hopetoun making our appointments for tomorrow. Shows you just need to put a rocket up people.