Monday, April 13, 2009

Storage solutions needed

I don't know how to setup a house. I know where I want furniture, but I don't know how to do things like storage and organisation... seriously! I've always lived in share houses and even though I currently live alone I moved in here with someone else and never really re-arranged anything after she moved out.

It's hard to explain what I mean but I spose I just mean that I'm not good at storage solutions - where do people store old magazines they want to keep? Where do people put things that I normally just leave on the coffee table, things that I like to have on hand but really should put away somewhere so my lounge room doesn't look so messy!?!? Maybe I'm just lazy or maybe it jsut comes down to the fact that the rental properties I've always lived in just don't have any real storage. I am going to have to become very familiar with the Store storage shop in Epping and Ikea's storage solutions to avoid having this clutter and mess around the place.

A good place for me to start will be to have a cork board somewhere that I can pin stuff up instead of having bits of paper all over the place... I'm actually thinking of maybe making half my pantry door cork and the other half black board - who knows if I will though!


  1. We spent hours in Ikea yesterday looking for some storage solutions! We found a bed that has 4 big draws underneath for storage, this will go in our of our spare bedrooms. We also bought a coffee table a few months back that has 4 large deep draws, that's where I keep all our magazines. I make sure I go through them every month or so to throw out old ones, otherwise they seem to pile up. I keep a display book to cut out recipes etc that I like too. Panty door is a great idea for pinning stuff up, but maybe put the cork board on the inside of the pantry, so only you see it, and it doesn't look messy when you have guests over (I know our cork board gets overloaded!).

  2. Hi,

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