Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Possible start date

I just got onto N my CSC and she has been off sick for almost a week! Poor thing :( She didn't sound too good either.

She explained the process a bit more for me. They don't get the permits and the DA approval until about a week after land settlement and they don't order the final working drawings until they receive this, so me waiting for all this to be done sooner rather than later hasn't been worthwhile.

So I have more of an idea of time lines etc now. As settlement is on Tuesday 5th of May, once she has confirmation of that from my solicitor, she will send the file off to the construction area and from there they normally take two weeks to get onto site and their work weeks are Friday to Friday, so I could have a start date of May 22nd!

I've read my loan documents and have a few questions, so I called the bank to make a signing appointment but they told me I need to raise these questions with my mortgage broker - I hope this doesn't cause a delay. Things that are wrong are different LMI value to my original sheet, not the latest interest rate and stamp duty looks to have been calculated on the entire loan amount and not the land value which is a difference of about $12k!


  1. $12K ouch! Better call your broker and get that fixed.

    Good luck

  2. I called them and they said it would all be sorted out before settlement - lets hope so!