Wednesday, March 18, 2009

5 Star energy rating = FAIL

I got an email from N yesterday about my 5 star rating, due to the orientation of the house on the block it has failed it's 5 star rating and requires an upgrade of the ceiling insulation to R3.5 batts at a cost of $911.
I asked N to confirm that I wasn't required to pay for this as I am doing a fixed price house and land package on a block of land which PD selected and had a list of applicable houses itemised with respective prices for a FIXED PRICE. N came back with something about allowing a certain amount for 5 star rating and anything above the minimum they allow for needs to be paid for by the client - umm how is that fixed price??

I'm going to call the government body today that deals with all this kind of stuff and ask them what they think as I really don't think that I should be paying for this required uppgrade.


  1. Hi Lisa

    That's crap. Surely they have to take care of that. We've actually added the cost of upgrading the insulation to our house. I think we will need it as we're moving a window from the back wall the around the corner which takes it from a north facing window to a west facing window.


  2. I agree its crap! I am still waiting for a reply to my email this morning and I have also called Consumer Affairs to find out where I stand as well. Once I hear back from PD I will update here again