Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Contact has been made

So I ended up calling N @9:30am, no answer, sent an email explaining how concerned I am about the lack of communication so close to the contracts appointment and how I really need answers from her. By 10:50am I still had no contact and she was still not answering her phone so I called reception to make sure she is actually at work - she is. Left a message with reception to get her to call me and @11:30am I got an email from her, finally!

My upgrades have come in at $906, thankfully within budget and the plumbing provision for the water tank to the 2x WC's can be done, but for $610 - I've asked her for clarification on this as others I know are getting it all (including the external power point) for $450.

I've also asked for:
  • 2 x double power point to rumpus room along the wall adjoining the laundry spaced to the middle of the length of the wall at the same height as the other power points in the rumpus (300mm AFL)
  • A double power point added to the internal north wall of the garage, spaced to the middle of the length of the wall from the hallway to the rear access door at the same height as the other power point in the garage (1350 AFL)
  • Costings of the above
  • The outside light on the corner of the rumpus room doesn't have a connecting line to the light switch in the laundry - can you please get this light added to the laundry light switch
  • The cost to get two external junction boxes installed
  • The plumbing provision terminated and the included double outdoor power point for this to be on the east side of my house, along the meals wall, south of the meals area window. I plan to put the water tank near the down pipe on this blind side wall but north of the HWS.

I don't expect to hear back from N again today in regards to this, but I hope to have something by lunch tomorrow


  1. Well Lisa, our CSC is no better than yours. The ratio of her replies to our email is 1:5 so nothing new.

  2. Hi Lisa

    Who is N? I want to know her full name. My CSC never answer my email,her firstname start with N,surname start with A.

    I think we have same CSC!

    I am just starting .......
    Oh, i will pray this saturday!


  3. Hi Thomas,

    That would be the one, I was told today they are all over worked due to a big increase in sales recently and that they are getting more staff. Still frustrating though - give her a call to ask her if she got your email if you haven't had a reply after 24hrs


  4. Hi Lisa,

    Thats a good price you are getting from PD for this provision. I am in almost tender stage with H3NL37, I will try to ask for only provision as it is quite expensive for the whole package from them.

    Just wondering so it should be possible to connect it in future with our own water tank, any suggestion from whom you are going for it?