Sunday, March 8, 2009

Second thoughts

This afternoon I started to have a mild panic about my colours and electrical plan. With my appointments only a few days away I started second guessing myself and I really shouldn't... I need to trust myself in what I have been happy with the past few weeks. I also need to work out the details of my electrical plan. Where power points will be down to the minute detail of how far from x wall and how high on the wall etc - lots of stuff to consider.

I also hope that things just seem to fall into place, but I can't just go in blindly hoping this actually happens. I hope that on the day of my contract signing, if things come in at too high a price I can remove them if needed w/out causing a delay, I need this to be able to happen on that day so that I can get the paperwork to the bank for them to do their valuation.


Too much to think about!

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