Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tiles tomorrow

On Thursday I emailed my mortgage broker my quote for my heater/aircon and didn't get a reply. So yesterday I emailed asking if everything was OK and she got the quote... no reply... called up and left a message for her to call me back... no call back.

I called again then and managed to speak to her and she hasn't submitted my documents yet to the bank :( My finance clause expires on April 8th, that's 2 weeks tomorrow

I just got a call from her now to say that she is faxing the application off and she said if it's not sorted by April 8th (finance clause on land expires) then she will organise an extension with my solicitor :)

I have my tiles appointment tomorrow!!

I'm too tired to really think about it though to be honest, I had another sleepless night last night - these only started since doing this whole building a house thing.

I'm choosing all tiles from the standard range and will put a vertical feature row of slimmer dark chocolate tiles in each shower to offset the white tiles. I'm also considering making the top of the bath area the same chocolate tiles but I'm still undecided on that one. The entry, kitchen, toilet and laundry floors will be a darkish sandy colour and the bathrooms will be a lighter sandy colour - well at least that's what I'm starting with.


  1. Ooooh... have fun choosing the tiles tomorrow!

    Sleepless nights??? try building and having a newborn at the same time lol.

    Things will settle down soon. Lots of things going over and over in your mind right now :)

    ~ Hels ~

  2. Sleepless nights. First it's worry over choices and decisions to be made, then second guessing yourself after you've made your decisions. Then it's from excitement when it actually starts. I think you finally get some sleep after being in the hosue six months, when it all actually starts sinking in!


  3. Hels - no chance!! Gawd, I would be a zombie ;)

    J you are right, the other night was mostly worrying about what if the bank doesn't like my quote for the heater/aircon and I'm w/out a heater in my house!

    Now everything is done it's all in the hands of the bank - once that's taken care of I should be good to get some sleep :)