Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Colour and Electricals - Tick!

Well my day at Hopetoun went really well!! I did all my colours in just over an hour and my electricals only took an hour too when each one has you booked in for 2 hrs each!

I started off with the brick colour of Brushwood and then asked the colour consultant what she thought would be a good roof tile and the first one she chose was the one I had as most preferred (barramundi) and then the second one she suggested (sambuca) was also my second one listed - off to a good start so we locked in Barramundi! :) We then went to windows and I picked out Merino and then she asked if I was going to match the garage door, yes, and I went to pick my choice, paperbark, off the wall as she was suggesting paperbark! Garage door is a Panelmasta Caprice (rectangles and not squares).
I'm also getting my gutters/fascia and downpipes to match the window's/garage (her suggestion as I really wasn't sure). I'm also getting my front posts of my portico and the side window next to the front door the same colour. Sliding doors will also match the window frames.
Render to the front of the house is Flood Mud although she had no record me requiring render but she has written it down for me as I know I need it.

We then did paints and I chose Bone for the walls and white for the ceiling and cornices and all the doors and door frames will be bone but in gloss. I also chose Biennale (purple) for my front door inside and out and translucent glass for the door. The side panel of glass to the front door will be clear but I might put something on that myself as it's a lot cheaper to DIY.

As mentioned previously, I'm upgrading the front door lock to include the deadlock in it as a combo, in satin chrome, and I've added a deadlock to the garage door into the house. All my internal doors are the standard flat streamlined ones and standard satin chrome door handles. All the other handles in the house are standard satin chrome bow's, but the ones on the cupboards are bigger than the kitchen and bathroom/laundry ones.

Bench top is quantum quartz - Ice in 20mm (changed to this today). Cabinet doors for kitchen, bathrooms and laundry is Fini Chocolate. Over head kitchen cupboards are Rock Maple and my splashback is now Mocha Magic. Laundry bench top is Laminex Diamond Gloss in square edge.
WC's I've upgraded to a porcelain one. and I've made the shower rose in the main bathroom the same as the ensuite - a shower rail.

Carpet is still Old leather cut pile plush.

My upgrades, all 8 of them, should come in around $700 - $800 or so she thinks.

For my electrical plan, I came in at $1,041 and had put in an allowance of $1,000 which I'm pretty pleased about almost meeting. I didn't get my garage outside lights and I did cut back on a couple of power points but I did get my 3 lights over the bench and 3 extra outside lights (water proof battens)

Did I enjoy it all? Yes! Both of the consultants that helped me commented on how organised I was with everything and said that the appointments were really quick and easy - when they only go for half the allocated time, I guess they must be right.

I also didn't hear back from my CSC until this afternoon by way of an email and not the phone call I requested or the phone call that a different CSC said she would get her to make to me at 8:30 this morning. She also got the details of what I wanted for the water tank plumbing wrong so I have asked her to re-calculate it on what I actually want them to do. She also mentioned that my 5 star rating isn't back yet and that part of my estate covenants includes the ceiling height required to be 2590 when my contract actually has 2550, so I've asked for this to be reviewed as well and the difference reported back to me.

I can't believe I am still awake after only 3 hrs sleep! Oh and I also saw my GP today and I'm on antibiotics for my sinusitis and have steroids to take if progress doesn't start to show in a few days for my asthma (boo!). I really should try to have a nap soon.


  1. Hi Lisa

    Sounds like you had a good time. I'm glad.

    We're still waiting on finance but things are looking good. We've started the process anyway and putting it out to the universe to make it happen.

    We spent hours on Monday at Point Cook. We did the paper quote for the house with all our extras ($35K worth). A couple of shocks. Colourbond roof $4500 (scraped) Wood floors in the entry/family/meals/kitchen $5000 (scraped) and the cost of facades... All in all good though and in budget.

    Land is tight in PC so we only had 2 blocks to select from. We got the size we wanted and put a holding deposit. Now we just need finance....

    Once we're all go we'll start our blog.


  2. Sounds like you had a great time Lisa. Now the waiting begins, not to mention the second guessing of colours etc. Good to hear you came in on budget, but your CSC certainly sounds like she needs a kick in the clack with a pointy toed shoe.


  3. Glad to hear it went well!

    Good choice on the stone benchtop!

    Emma and I have our colour and electrical selection on Tuesday next week - scary...

    Michael what house are you looking at and what estate? Your not to far away from us in Truganina.

  4. Thanks Michael, sometimes you do just need the universe to take care of things and hope it all jsut falls into place! For some of your extra's, I would investigate getting it done not through the builder - my sales person told me things like aircon, fly screens etc are all cheaper not through the builder, so for the floors I would get an external quote - make sure you let me know the blog address once you start it!

    J - yes I've been thinking she needs a boot in the bum, but two emails today, so I do need to see how she goes this week and with the contracts, I don't want to put her offside too early ;)

    Chris, thanks! I panicked big time yesterday about my appointments, but I just had to try to keep telling myself it was all ok and to trust what I liked in the past few weeks.

  5. Hi Lisa

    We've made it public. You can see our blog at


  6. Thanks Michael! I will take a look at it tonight :)