Thursday, March 19, 2009

5 star energy update

So yesterday was my first real issue with the build and I hope that it's the only big one I have (doubtful) as it wasn't much fun for me, but by the end of the night things were ok'ish again.

I spoke to N and basically she said that they never guarantee fixed price for the 5 star energy rating. I explained to her that as someone new to this whole process, I was told by my sales person that I am building on this block of land at a fixed price - I was never told that I could then be hit up for extra cash to ensure that the build complies with 5 star rating. I have been promised a 5 star rated house.
She claims that they allow a set amount for every single house regardless of orientation etc - they don't look at each package individually to allow more or less, but if it comes in at more then the client has to pay it - I'm sure if it comes in less they don't refund the client though Rolling Eyes

I kept trying to stress to her that I was not made aware of this, I was told it was a fixed price and that I would only have to pay for more if I chose to upgrade items myself. I have not chosen to upgrade the insulation, they have been told that it needs doing.

We did however both agree that the sales people need to be making this clear and that it isn't a total fixed price package, it's just fixed price site costs.

I asked her to get her manager to send me an email explaining this as I am not happy about it. Naturally her manager was scheduled to be in a meeting for most of the day but she will try to make sure he contacts me.... is it just me or are their managers ALWAYS in meetings?

Later in the day I got a phone call from P. P explained things in a totally different way to N and in a way that made sense and was understandable. P explained that each house is looked at for each block and are all made to be 5 star energy rated in their fixed prices. He wasn't too familiar with my file, but he thinks that it is most likely due to the window changes. I explained that I added an East facing window to the meals area and I wanted the window on bed 2 moved to where I always thought it was going to be according to all the sales paraphernalia which was different to the detailed floor plans. He is going to find out for me why the upgrade is required and he has told me he will be available on Friday morning to discuss this with me when I am in the PD office. I mentioned that if it was due to changing the window on Bed 2, I don't want to pay for it as their paperwork is misleading and confusing.

P at least explained why it could have come back as more and didn't just say I had to pay it. P also explained that the office was extremely busy at the moment as sales have gone through the roof and that they are getting more staff. I let him know that I had heard quite a number of people were not happy with the (lack of) communication coming out of the office and I again mentioned the level I expect and that I hate being in the dark - it was a really good conversation and I appreciated the phone call.

P also mentioned that PD will take care of all my DA and council approvals and that they have someone specifically in the office that does this. I am so relieved I don't have to worry about any of that! He also said that he needs to get 8 houses started on the ground each week, so once all my paperwork is done and the land is ready to go we should be able to jump ahead of the queue if others aren't ready to go so the build might be able to start early May instead of late May!

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