Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I need to just breathe....

I have my colours and electrical appointments tomorrow and I am getting myself all worked up over it all and feeling physically ill due to the stress.
I'm so concerned about going over budget and not knowing the cost of things is really not helping. Also knowing that the staff at Hopetoun Interiors don't know the costs either does not help - I wont know until Friday week what it all costs and that's when I go in to sign the contract.

I think part of it is also that tomorrow is when I make all these decisions - all the things that I can decide upon for the house I have to decide on tomorrow. It really is a very important day. I know that there will be lots of things that don't go to plan over the next 6-8 months during the build, but all of this tomorrow is in my hands and no one elses. Yes I know things can be added and changed once I am in the house, but it's better to try to get things right from the start... although I'm prepared to give up some power points and outdoor lights to get them done at a later time/date if needed.

Urgh, gotta stop stressing over it, thank gawd I have track cycling on tonight to try to distract me a bit from it. Also, I think accidentally cutting my laptop power cable in half yesterday hasn't helped with the stress (it got caught in my reclining chair mechanism) and combine that will still having sinus issues (pain and headaches) it is all just going against me at the moment.

Gee I hope I get some sleep tonight cos I didn't get much at all last night.

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