Sunday, March 15, 2009

Water tank plumbing issues

This is probably going to sound silly, but it's another one of those OMG I'M BUILDING A HOUSE kinda things... I can now enter competitions that do things like garden make overs and all those other type of comp's that involve you owning your own house!! YaY!!!

In other house news, I'm having issues with PD trying to get them to provide the actual cost to do the plumbing provision for my future water tank to the two toilets. My sales person put in a $2,000 provision but I know other people building with PD that have been charged $450. I asked my CSC, N, to provide exact costings for me and she came back saying it was just over the $2k provisioned - ummm?? I told her that all I wanted was the plumbing done and I know what others were charged. she came back saying that they HAD to include the following and couldn't separate them:

-Installation of pump,
-Connection to 2 WCs,
-Mains water supply back up,
-Round PVC downpipe connection,
-Overflow to stormwater

I again asked for clarification as it seems really silly that they can't separate it when I'm not getting a tank through them! N then came back and said that they are concerned that if they do what I am wanting that it will affect my Certificat of Occupancy - wtf?!?! Grrrr.
I've been given the wording someone else has for their's to present to N (thanks Wanna!) so come tomorrow, if I haven't had a call or email after lunch, I will be calling N as I really need it sorted ASAP so I know how much everything is costing.

I also asked N on Friday for a total price for all my extra's so I can again work out how much everything is costing. She was going to try to get it to me Friday, but hadn't, so again I -need- that Monday

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