Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not Happy Jan

Yesterday morning I emailed N at 8:16am about the plumbing provisions and the cost of my extras and I ended my email with "I look forward to your call and also receiving the detailed costings of my extra's today" as per what she said she would do on Friday.

By 1:30pm I had still heard nothing from her, no call or email, so after trying to call her over a 20-30 minute time frame I sent another email "I really need to get an answer on the below today. I just tried calling and there was no answer. Can you please let me know about the plumbing provision and the cost of my extras by COB today."

If I haven't heard anything from her when I get back from going for coffee soon, I am going to be calling and if she doesn't answer, then I will be calling reception and asking to speak to someone else who can answer my questions.

I have my contract signing on Friday and I need to get all of this stuff sorted as I need to work out the dollar amounts and adjust things accordingly and add extra power points etc too!

1 comment:

  1. My experience? They're hopeless at: a) getting back to you; and b) getting prices right.

    Good luck - stay on it!