Sunday, March 22, 2009

The waiting game

The h1 forum has been down for maintenance all weekend - WARGH!! It came back for a bit this arvo and then went again... waits...

Yesterday I went to the PD and Stockland auction around the corner from my block in Mernda - it was interesting to see a contested auction.

I just worked out that my house is going to be 700m further away from my sister than the current place I rent... the place that she has never been too cos, you know, its too far and out of the way... I'm also starting to tire of asking her to come and to things with me as there is always an excuse. She hasn't really shown a huge amount of interest at all in me building a house... while I am not suprised, it still hurts and I'm just about ready to stop asking her opinion or telling her anything.

I feel like I am in a bit of limbo at the moment. I can't do anything for about 4-6 weeks. The bank has 2.5 weeks to approve it all and then we wait 2 weeks for land settlement and then wait for PD to start building!


  1. Hi Lisa,

    I really relate to your issue with your sister. Neither my MIL or SIL have shown any interest in our house. Haven't even looked at the plans! It would be nice if our families could share our excitement...but at least we have H1.

  2. It's frustrating isn't 'Chelle! You're lucky though that you are going through this with a partner. Most other people seem interested though, like my Dad and his wife which is great :)

  3. Although that I haven't been in H1 for a long time, but I consider most of the people there as friends. Lisa, I feel what you're saying because I've been through the same thing with my sister.

    I worked hard in the previous few years and was able to get first class honour in my engineering degree, then got the Australian Postgraduate Award for my PhD. What do I get from my sister ? Nothing, not even a phone call.

    So chill out Lisa, we're all there for you :)

  4. Khaled I'm the same about H1, I am more excited to share news on there than with my family as I know I will get a happy reaction where people seem to care - where would we be w/out H1! :)