Saturday, June 20, 2009

Not a block, a house

I have a house! It's no longer a block, it is a HOUSE! It looks like a house, it has walls and a roof! A house!!

I keep looking at all my photo's and just smiling this doofy big grin because it makes me so excited! I can walk through my rooms and I have something that is now looking like a house!!

I am loving being able to walk through all my rooms and I'm excited about taking my family up there later today to walk through it too!

I also realised that I can now start think about getting quotes for fly screens and security doors - I'm still unsure about what kind of security doors to get (diamond pattern or less obvious steel mesh ones). I can also soon get quotes for driveways and the outdoor area to be concreted and also for blinds and curtains!

OMG I have a pile of matchsticks that looks like a house and I can't stop smiling when I think about it all!! :D :D :D I'm gonna get a sore face soon LOL!

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