Friday, June 19, 2009

Roof trusses and windows

I had the day off today due to extreme hayfever so I thought I would head out to the block and I got there when they were delivering the roof trusses! I also have all my windows and sliding doors!
I then went back after they finished to take even more photos.

The block

Roof trusses being delivered

Up and away

And down

I have a portico!! I also got windows today! Master bedroom

Delivered straight to the roof

How to get them from the ground to the roof

Sorting them out

The house

The garage - interesting way to fill the gap

My sign is back in the ground but it got broken :(

Portico and roof

Front of the house

Front door

Roof trusses

Family room windows

Meals area window

Meals area sliding door

Kitchen window

Bed 2 window

Laundry door

Rumpus room window

Bed 3 window

Bathroom window

Outdoor area

Bed 2, bathroom and bed 3

Bed 3 and rumpus

Laundry, kitchen, meals, ensuite windows

Internal door from/to garage

Front entrance

Ensuite window

Fail! A post for the portico

My house!

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