Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Official site start today YAY!!

On the 3rd day of the 6th month of the 09 year my site start happened!!! YaY!!!


They say things happen in threes - this might be taking it too far though? ::wink::

The contract count down now starts!

Ok photos!!

Front of my block, driveway is to the left

I almost have a tap

My water meter

A square bit dug up - it's part of the front yard so maybe for the porta loo?

At the front of the block

The required feet shot on the newly dug up soil - do you like my new purple gumboots? :D

The rear of my block

The water meter again - it's so shiny!

This is a photo of the road, you can see the driveway in the top right... just a bit of mud!


  1. Hi Lisa

    That is just too exciting for words. It certainly is all happening now. I look forward to many more photos and updates...

    What size is your land????


  2. Congratulations on the start Lisa!!!
    HOld on, because it is all systems go from here. Anxiously waiting for my favourite shot... the portaloo pic :-D


  3. Thanks guys!! There's going to be a HEAP of photo's so don't worry about that! It was raining today when I was there or I would have taken more lol!!

    Michael - land is 14x32 (448)

  4. Hi Lisa,

    Thats really great. Good luck, finally things got started, you must be quite happy.
    Thats a decent size block, mine is 486 but 20 x 24.


  5. Ahhh same size block as ours :)