Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Frame possibly tomorrow

Still no frame, but a guy was there dropping off a load of soil and he told me that he thinks it is going to be starting tomorrow. The guy I was talking to is the person that does the site cleans and removes all the crap along the way, so he said tomorrow he is going to remove all the rocks and other crap around and then spread out the soil to build it all up and that someone's been dumping soil near my block when they shouldn't be - tsk tsk.
He asked me what I was going to be doing with the "alfresco" area and I said I was going to get it concreted when I get the drive way day so he said he wont worry about filling it up with soil for me as they will just have to remove it all to concrete - awesome! :D

He also mentioned that my SS, I shall call him B, is the best there is at Porter Davis! He said he does work all over Melbourne for Porter Davis and he reckons my SS is the best one they have. He treats the tradies and workers really well and that he is a single guy and his job is like his life and does a fantastic job - sweet!! :D He also mentioned that he has seen a house like mine be completed in 14 weeks! How sensational would that be!!

I also asked him that if he saw B to let him know that it was me that wrote in the concrete and that it hasn't been vandalised ;) :D

Oh and I think they ran the cables for the meter box today too :) Photo of it when the frame photo's start!

I also still don't have my slab invoice... not really complaining about it, but just wondering where it is


  1. Great to see they've started on your frame Lisanne. Things should start to really take shape quickly now although that 14 weeks you mentioned on H1 seems frighteningly quick. :) keep the camera and phone charged up.

  2. I know, 14 weeks is really quick, but it would be sensational! I'm hoping/thinking more like 18 or so.

    Speaking of batteries, need to charge it tonight :)