Sunday, June 28, 2009


I paid a visit to spotlight today to take a look at some of their blinds and to see if I could get a rough quite on how much I would be up for to do the whole house.
The plan is to get rollers in the ensuite and bathroom and roman's for the rest of the house and the 3 three paneled window's/doors will get 3 blinds across it - the resulting price turned out to be just under $6k which is kind of what I was hoping for and then just under $500 for installation. I'm pretty happy with that as it does give me a very rough ball park figure of what to expect and that's all I was after and then with spotlight you can also wait until they have their sales, like now they have 30% off which would save almost $2k off the price. I've also decided I will do all the curtains myself. They are easy to do and I plan to use curtain rods with a spring loaded end and just have them sitting inside the window frame - too easy!

I'm also still not sure what colours to get and if to have the same colour throughout the whole house or not. I'm thinking that most of my furniture will end up being a dark wood, so I can't go too dark with the colours except maybe a dark chocolate in the bedrooms and then a lighter caramel/latte colour for the living areas... I wouldn't mind getting a greenish or bluish colour but then if I plan to paint one of my family room walls a light green then they would clash. I really need to wait to see the real colours of my place too.

When it gets closer to handover I will try to organise for some real quotes by getting people out to measure it all up and by then I will also have more of an idea how much my fences and concreting is going to to cost.

I'm not in a huge hurry to get blinds as I plan to install redi-shades and they should be good for a while.


  1. OME i know lisa out of all the colour choices we have chosen over teh last few mths the blinds seem to be the hardest

  2. Ok I'm glad it's not just me struggling with it!! I found the house colours a lot easier too.