Thursday, June 4, 2009

Port a Loo and Piering!

As I was driving down my street tonight I saw the port a loo and squealed a little bit! Was very excited!! Then I discovered that they had done the piering, all 18 of them!

My block from the other side of the street

Crossover protection

Port a loo and rubbish cage and yes! The plan's are kept in the loo... I figured it was safe enough to check it on the day it was delivered and it was clean! No, no photo of inside :P


I reckon they got lazy and ended up joining the tops of some of them, I spose it doesn't matter really

Piles of dirt removed from the piering holes

From the rear left of the block

More piering

To keep with the theme... me on the piering!

Oops! Still wet

From the other side

Port a loo and rubbish cage with rubbish

Ok no more piering photo's LOL!


  1. Congratulations, love a good port-a-loo pic!


  2. WHAHOO!!! Thats fantastic and about bloody time!!! *heres to a great build...imagine a raised glass right about here* :) Well done!!

  3. YAY! I too love porta loo pics they are the pics that make it all seem so real... piering looks good.... fingers crossed for a slab next week!