Saturday, June 6, 2009

Plumbing has started

I didn't get to the block yesterday so I'm not really sure if anything was done or not, but today when I got there, the plumbers were working on digging trenches and putting in some plumbing - can't believe they were working today on the long weekend.

My block today


A trench for some of the pipes

Piles of dirt and pipes

A really deep hole and some pipes

Side view of my block


  1. Mmmm... looks like you had some eye candy on your block today :)

    ~ Hels ~

  2. Full steam ahead now. You'll be surprised at how many trades work on weekends. We certainly were with our build.


  3. Hi just stumbled upon your blog....looks like I'm at about the same stage as you with my new build....just the otherside of the world. I'm looking forward to following your project!

    Best wishes from Ireland,

    Mrs C x