Monday, June 22, 2009

I have the power!

I have a power meter! Someone has also swept my slab, and no it wasn't me hahah. All the sawdust has been swept off the slab. I also had a few puddles of water but they aren't that bad and nothing really to worry about which is great.

I took the measurements of the windows today for the way I want my blinds to be so I can get a rough idea on costs and as I was doing it I noticed some scratches on them :( I will bring it up with B my SS when I speak to him. If they do get replaced, no point in doing so until closer to the end in case they get damaged again.

I have the power!

Scratches that have gone rusty on the window frame of the family room window

Window lock thingy in the rumpus room appears to be broken

A scratch on my laundry door frame

A crack in the window sill in bedroom 2

A dent/scratch at the top if the frame of the window on the right of the family meals sliding door

Puddles in the garage - nothing to worry about

Puddle in family room, again nothing major

Puddle in meals area


  1. Wait till the brick layers come in, there will be much more scratched and dents on windows and doors.

  2. That's what I figure too Anon! Although most of the outside of the frames is protected by big thick black tape, but I still reckon damage will be done

  3. Hi Lisa,

    Could I ask what brand is your oven/cooktop going to be ?

  4. It's the default one with the house a Technika I think

  5. Lisa, do you get the scratches on windows and stuffed replaced/fixed?

  6. The windows will be getting fixed