Wednesday, June 10, 2009


After not going out to my block yesterday partially due to the rain but also as I figured nothing would have happened, today I nearly didn't go as well, but I'm glad I did!

Before I get to the photos I have a question - they have put all this red rock on the block and I can no longer see the piering, does the slab need to be connected to the concrete piers in some kind of way? If they don't, then how do the piers actually work to make it all more stable?

The block

Steel and something blue for the slab

They have put this red crushed rock all over the place but I still started sinking into the ground in some parts... I assume it's due to the mud but not sure

Rock from my block and mud and water puddles

Me on the red rock

Pipes and the red rock, I didn't dare venture deeper into the block due to sinking into the ground

I have waffle pods!

See, more waffle pods!

Thanks to my neighbour for providing storage in the way of having not started building yet

Much needed - check out the mud!

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