Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dates for bricks and roof

I just spoke to B my SS and asked how things were going to get an idea of when my air-con/heater people can come and install the ducting and I forgot to mention the windows, d'oh! I might give him a call later in the week about that.

Anyway, this week and next they will be doing the gutters, fascia and wrapping etc and then the roof is scheduled to start on July 3rd and should take about 4 days and then the bricks will be delivered around July 10th and should take a week or so and around all that once lock up is near they can come and install what's needed for the aircon and heater


  1. Hi Lisa,

    I am building the same house as you, i might be wrong, but doesn't the house come with heating already?

  2. Heya Adam,

    Heating is included but I got a credit for it and I am getting it done by the same company doing my ducted refrigerated air-conditioning, that way they are all through the same ducts and done by the same people. It's also a much better system and 5.3 star energy rated.

    Where abouts are you building?

  3. Hi Lisa,

    Thats good to know. I wonder PD allows other tradies. I am building with Henley. Can you please how much its going to cost you and share some contact info if possible.


  4. My SS knows that I am getting them to come on site.

    What contact information are you after? I am getting my aircon/heater through Nortan - http://www.nortan.com.au/

  5. Hi Lisa,

    I am building in Derrimut in the West. The Regent 21 is perfect for us, only really need the 2 bedrooms. Looking to tile the whole living and meals area and use the rumpus as a cinema room, I'm really everything on your blog because it helps me learn stuff :)


  6. reading* not really :P

  7. Thanks Lisa, our heating comes as a standard inclusion, and Refrigerated Cooling is quoted at $10600 for 28 sq house. So wondering how much you are getting for.
    Your forum is really helpful, appreciate your help.


  8. Good stuff Adam! What stage are you up to? Do you have your own blog for your build?

    Ismail my builder didn't have many options in regards to the heating and cooling that I wanted so it was easier and cheaper to get it externally