Thursday, June 18, 2009

The frame is up!

I have a frame and rooms!! Walking through the frame was a great feeling, getting a really good feel for the layout and the size of the rooms, windows etc it was great :D

The block

The garage

I have some door frames!!

My artwork didn't get covered up! Sweet!

Through the garage door to the backyard

Fail! Top of the frame for the door to the backyard from the garage, not too worried as there will be a frame in there

Master bedroom from the portico

Entrance. Master bedroom on right, garage on left

Family, meals and kitchen

Family area window to backyard

Sliding doors from the meals area to the back yard (to the right of the previous window)

Meals area window to the blind side

Kitchen window

Rumpus room window

Bed 3 window

Bathroom window

Bed 2 window

From the rumpus room looking through the laundry towards the front of the house

Left to right - bed 3, bathroom and bed 2 taken from the backyard

Left to right - meals sliding door and family room windows from the backyard

Garage from the backyard

Left to right - rumpus and bed 3 from the rear

From the rear of the block looking to the front


Windows at the front of the master bedroom

My House :D


  1. Congratulations Lisa. I'm so happy for you.

    It's a matter of a blink of an eye, and you're inside your brand new house :)

  2. Awesome! such a great feeling the first time you walk through the place with walls up :)

    ~ Hels ~