Friday, July 24, 2009

Brickwork is completed

My brick work is completed!!! Although there is a bit of a fail :( I was there this arvo taking a look and the framers turned up and started measuring lots of things to do with the garage. I asked them what was going on and after a bit they discovered that the brickies haven't done the garage walls that well and the front left pillar will probably need to be pulled down and re-done - nothing major and it shouldn't hold anything up.

Talking to the framer he told me how great B my SS is, and how he picks up even the smallest things and makes people re-do them etc and he is the best SS at PD that he deals with! This is the second person that has told me that! :D

I was trying to organise Kevin to do my pre-plaster inspection but he can't do it so I organised to get it done through someone else but but after my conversation today with the framer I have decided not to worry about it. Everyone keeps telling me how fantastic my SS is and how he picks up on everything and gets them sorted, so I am going to put all my faith and trust in my SS and save the cash.

Photo's time!!

Chateau Lisa

Front door

Master bedroom



Garage and family room window

Bed2 and meals door

Bathroom and bed 2

From the rear looking forward

Bed 3 and rumpus

window sill

laundry, kitchen and meals on the blind side

Hazards of a builders dog....

Casualty :(

My house all bricked up!

Left hand side of garage, notice the number of bricks - 1 and a bit

right hand side of garage - notice the number of bricks, only 1.... the LHS pillar will most likely be pulled down and re-done


  1. WOW! How exciting to see it all happening. Its looking good.

    We have had our site start brought forward by 2 weeks to the 14th August. N says there is a slim chance it will be moved foward again. WOOHOO!!!!!

    We're off to see Beejay at his house today. We're so jealous of you both being so far ahead of us. hahah..

    Michael. :)

  2. thanks Michael! Bringing the date forward is great!! :D
    I'm jealous of BeeJay too!!

  3. I just came across your blog whilst searching for a pic of the bricks I've chosen for the PD house I'm building! And must say I think I've made a good choice (as you have) hehe..your house looks great...I'm building a PD house towards end of the year in Marriott Waters...I'm going to sit down & read your blog tonight and to get an idea of what I'll be in for! Cheers, Macky

  4. Wow Macky, goodluck it might take you a while :)

    Which house are you building?

  5. Hi Lisa

    I'm building the Flagstaff IV....
    There have been delays with land settlement, but still should be on track with site start towards November/December (crossing fingers)....your house is looking FANTASTIC...

  6. Hey Macky, Thanks! Where abouts are you building?

  7. Hi Lisa,
    Your house really looks great. Apparently, your and our choices match so much. Are the bricks Natural Brushwood? We have kind of liked them in Category 1 range.