Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sparkys have been!

I have the power!! The sparkys have been and put their spaghetti cables everywhere!

Oh and so much for being locked up, not only was my front door WIDE open, but the other doors were all unlocked too! Ahh well, it gave me easy access at least! Oh and of course I locked them all up when I left :D

The sparky has been!

Spaghetti! See the water? I think when they drilled through the wood for the cables they hit one of the laundry pipes - oops!

Powerpoint in the foreground and light switch before the door. I really wanted this light switch on the other side of the door so it's on the side of the door jam that the door locks into, not a big deal I spose :(

I put this light on the corner but thought it would go closer, I think I would prefer it on the other wall - do you think I can get this changed?

Plaster has been delivered!!!

Cornices (or something) too!


  1. Good to see the progress.
    Just wondering if blue cables are network, did you do it yourself or PD did it for you.

  2. Ismail - I've worked out that the blue cable is the telephone :) I didn't do any cabling.

    I have a telephone point and powerpoint in the top of my pantry for my wifi